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This online conversion tool converts energy units from Metric to US to (UK) Imperial systems, and vise versa deals with all measurement values and conversions for any of the following energy units: BTU ( btu British Thermal Units ), attojoule ( aJ ), dyne centimeter ( dyn cm ), electron Volt ( eV – electronVolt ), erg, foot pound ( ft lb ), gigajoule ( GJ ), gigawatt hour ( GWh ), gram force centimeter ( g-f-cm ), horsepower-hour ( hp-h – hph ), joule ( J ), kilocalorie ( kcal ), kiloelectron Volt ( keV – kilo electronVolt – kilo electron Volt ), kiloJoule ( kJ ), kilowatt hour ( kWh ), megaelectron Volt ( MeV ), megajoule ( MJ ), megawatt hour ( MWh ), microjoule ( µJ ), millijoule ( mJ ), nanojoule ( nJ ), newton-meter ( N-m – Nm ), nutrition Calorie ( Cal ), ounce force inch ( ozf in ), pound force foot ( lbf ft ), pound force inch ( lbf in ), poundal-foot ( pdl ft ), therm ( thm ), ton of TNT ( tn ), watt hour ( Wh – Whr – W h – W hr ), watt minute ( Wmin – W min ), watt second ( Wsec – W sec ).

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  1. Have 560 watts, 6,000 BTU air conditioner. Could you tell me how many amps that is? Thank you. J.

    added by admin :
    Hello Jill,
    What is your house power current in volts, 120V, 230V, 240V, double phase?

    Finding amperes ( amp ) by knowing the watts ( W )

    Here is how to easily convert between Amps Watts and Volts. There is a formula for finding amperes or formula to find wattage with using voltage and it is straightforward.

    Amps = Watts / Volts – or – Watts = Volts x Amps

    For example if you have a 1000 watt speaker in a car, if you want to find how many amps it consumes from wires just do quick. The battery in the car has 12 volts so you calculate. Divide the watts by the volts rule to get the amperes needed:

    Amps = Watts : Volts

    1000W : 12V = 83.3 Amps ( 1000 / 12 = 83.3333333 amperes )

    Example 2: You have some 560 watts mini air-con and you want to know what circuit breaker in amps would be triggered by its power and you run on 120 volts power:

    Amps = Watts : Volts

    560W : 120V = 4.7 Amps ( 1000 / 12 = 4.666666667 amperes )

    But if you had a 5600 watts ( 5.6 kW , 5.6 Kilowatts ) air conditioning:

    5600W : 120V = 47 Amps ( 1000 / 12 = 46.666666667 amperes )

    Toggling it in the other way around to find out watts ( W ) by knowing amperes ( amp )

    For instance a house has a 15 Amp circuit breaker for a power point (power wall plug) and 230 volt power system, in other words 230V house current, on which you are going to put your party lights around your outside entertaining area. And you want to know how many light bulbs, in one single watts number for them all, you can connect at once under that breaker. Multiply the amps by the volts rule to get the watts of your light bulbs needed:

    Watts = Amps x Volts

    15Amp x 230V = 3450W ( 15 x 230 = 3450 watts )

    You have 3450 watts, 34.5 Kilowatts in disposition and all your lights will be 150 volts each. How many of them can be on?

    3450 : 150 = 23 of 150W light bulbs could be on it. Now, use rather a couple of the lights less to gain the 300W reserve on the breaker for the party is OK with the lights on uninterrupted.

    How to find voltage knowing only Amps and Watts?

    The formula rule is:

    Volts = Watts : Amps

    Example: 200W / 17A = ~ 12 Volts ( 11.8V )

    These comment would suit better on power units converter page.

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  2. I’m getting the results from converting wattage into tonnage plus the other way around. Perfect, all the best…

    Comment from/about : Oliver | Permalink

  3. I took btu gwh values to convert to kwh which was quick – precise and useful for my energy related business needs. I am glad to see that you’ve added the horsepower hour hp-h plus the watt time units cause we deal with these readings very often.

    I’ve bookmarked this website into my favorites.

    All the best!


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  4. watt into unit conversion

    Comment from/about : watt into energy units | Permalink

  5. I searched for online pound converter to kcal and from oz to kcal to count calories in weight loss management. I found here all what I needed.

    Comment from/about : Margaret | Permalink

  6. I often convert energy units joule j to watthour whr and I also convert kilojoules kj to kilowatt hour kwh for my work related purposes. Other times we convert kwh to imperial units and seldom kilocalorie kcal job comes into perspective.

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  7. trying to convert energy needed to elevate kilogram to a meter into a watt/h.
    i do not find a right units in the web.

    Comment from/about : roman | Permalink

  8. I was wondering how to convert joules to electron volts energy units (about brain waves) as I knew it will be some huge number after the conversion. I got; Energy unit: 1 joule (J),
    equals: 6241509744511500288 electronVolt ( eV – electron Volt/s ) after conversion.

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  9. trying to convert energy needed to elevate kilogram to a meter into a watt/h. i do not find a right units in the web.

    Comment from/about : maria | Permalink

  10. convert kwh to mwh
    Energy units convert 1.0kwh/kilowatt-hour to 1.0mwh/megawatt-hour, is 1.0kwh = 0.001mwh?

    Amount of energy value : 1 kilowatt hour ( kWh ),
    Equals after conversion : 0.001 megawatt hour ( MWh ).
    The energy units Conversion in Fraction Number Equals to : 1/1000 mega-watt/hour ( MWh ).

    Comment from/about : Is 1.0kwh = 0.001mwh/megawatt-hour? | Permalink

  11. Energy units conversion from, hp/h ( horse power per hour ) to kw/h ( kilo-watt per hour ) and into BTU ( British Thermal Unit ) outcomes.

    Is 1.0hp/h (horsepower-hour) = 0.75kW/h (kilowatt-hour)?
    Energy Unit Convert: 1 horsepower hour ( hp-h ),
    To/Equals: ~ 0.75 kilowatt hour ( 0.745 699 871 579 511 3 kWh ).
    Conversion Fraction: ~ 3/4 kilowatt hour ( 0 373/500 kWh ).

    Is 1.0hp/h = 2544.43BTU?
    Conversion Energy unit: 1 horsepower hour ( hp-h ),
    Equals/To: 2 544.43 BTU – 2544.433 577 598 839 7 btu’s.
    Convert To Fraction Result: 2 544 43/100 BTU – 2544 217/500 btu’s.

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  12. Convert KCAL’s BTU’s , kilo-cal btu energy units.

    Energy unit: 1 kilocalorie ( kcal ),
    To: ~ 3.97 BTU ( 3.968 320 719 271 972 5 btu thermal ).
    Conversion Fraction: ~ 3 97/100 BTU ( 3 121/125 btu ).

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  13. Excellent unit conversion kwh into all other energy units. Good work!

    Comment from/about : unit conversion kwh | Permalink

  14. I had to make conversion from mwh to kwh and the other way around from kwh into mwh to finally understand what are the energy numbers.

    Is 1.00MWh = 1000.00KWh’s ?

    Energy reading from: 1 megawatt hour ( 1MWh ) –
    Equals to reading: 1000.00 kilowatt hours ( 1000kWh ).

    Is 1.00KWh = 0.001MWh ?

    Energy reading: 1 kilowatt hour ( 1kWh )
    Equals: 0.001 megawatt hour ( 0.001MWh ).
    Fraction results: 1/1000 of 1 megawatt hour ( 1/thousandth MWh ).

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  15. pls refer to 1kw mins how much units

    Comment from/about : mahesh | Permalink

  16. Currently studying and, seeking conversion on GJ/kL into mWh/kL – assistance greatly appreciated.

    kind regards

    Comment from/about : GJ/kL | Permalink

  17. Did I mention love the support you guys give.

    Thanks again.


    Comment from/about : GJ/kL | Permalink

  18. Please add support for exponential notation, e.g. 5×10^8 or 5e8 I need it for my purposes.

    Comment from/about : exponential / sci notation | Permalink

  19. You need to add conversion from MW to kWh!

    Added by admin; Did you mean in an energy sense – converting energy from unit MWh to KWh unit? They are already in the converter.

    Comment from/about : KND | Permalink

  20. Could you add a kWh to MJ / month ?

    Comment from/about : Joe | Permalink

  21. Could you convert a 18,000 btu’s to kj/hr?

    added by admin: Hi Rico, I am afraid within energy units values only BTU to kJ can be converted:

    Amount : 1 BTU Equals : 1.06 kiloJoule (kJ) Fraction : 1 3/50 kiloJoule (kJ) or 1 1/10 kJ

    Regarding the kJ in hour unit, which is not energy unit term, incongruent units combination. Only btu to kJ is coherent energy term. Unless your intention is to convert units from btu/hr to kj/hr instead? Can do those just fain with the power units converter, use joules and multiply j value by one thousand (add 3 zeros, I just noticed I have to add there kJ in h first, 1 kilojoule = 1000 joules).

    Comment from/about : rico advincula | Permalink

  22. pls how do i convert from megawatts to Kva?

    Comment from/about : saviour | Permalink

  23. Hello,

    I need the equation to convert volts to foot pounds. I have software that is in volts and I need to enter the equation so that it reads into foot pounds. Do you know this equation or where I could find it? I do know that 1 volt=1.181705355e-19. I don’t know much about this, could you help me with the equation?

    added by admin: Hi Curt,
    Interesting, I would have a look at this. But trying to find any relation, in energy matters sense, to the “Volt” unit. Can you point me in the right direction. Where abouts is together energy and volt mentioned?

    It’s commonly used for electron-volts and calories or kcal, not with volts. E.g.
    1 electron-volt = 3.82929365 × 10-26 megacalories

    Comment from/about : Convert volt to foot pound – Curt | Permalink

  24. I made ev to lbs conversion and the other way around ft lbs to ev for the long big number 8,462,350,936,293,971,968.00 for ft-lbs/eV.

    May you please add to this energy units converter also related units to the base electron volt?

    electron Volt = eV (electronVolt)
    Mega electron volt = MeV (mega-electronVolt)
    Terra electron volt = TeV (terra-electronVolt)

    I read about the new Boson Higgs particle discoveries at the LHC where the scientific language states these extreme eV numbers and it would be practical to be able to convert these into more known or common units to better visualize the particle size or what they mean in real life. It is amazing science!

    Comment from/about : ev to lbs conversion | Permalink

  25. A certain electric AC motor is rated at 300Nm peak torque, 100Kw is at peak power and 60Kw is at continuous power. Converting the 300Nm power of peak torque to ft lbs give 221. What is the the foot pound rating of torque at the continuous power of 60Kw?

    Comment from/about : Randy | Permalink

  26. Can you please tell me what the cal rating would be for 15 kva?

    Comment from/about : convert kva to cal | Permalink

  27. Dear Sir,

    How to convert from KJ/KG to meters from compressor with polytropic head?

    In some graphs compressor polytropic head units are shown as Kilo joules/kilogram versus flow-rate as in mmscfd, Million Standard Cubic Feet per Day distribution of gas.

    Or compressor polytropic head units are shown in meter (head) versus flow rate meter cube/hour.

    Comment from/about : Compressor – Polytropic Head | Permalink

  28. Would you like me to add the MMSCFD unit option for natural gas into this flow units converter?

    Comment from/about : Rado | Permalink

  29. How to convert from KJ/KG to meters for compressor polytropic head.

    Comment from/about : Compressor polytropic head | Permalink

  30. The kilojoules per kilogram combination is heat capacity unit. What precisely do you plan to calculate, can you elaborate more in detail? Is it with energy aspect? You could sort out power output from it in kilo joules per hour for instance, kJ/h, if it is timed with a mass flow rate, e.g. kg/h unit. It could be converted also to kW e.g. 1 / 3600 kW equals 1 kJ / hour.

    Comment from/about : Rado | Permalink

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