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Flour types volume vs weight amounts conversion

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All purpose flour

Convert an all purpose flour amount measures between: cups ( US and Metric cups = dry cup of all-purpose flour ), grams ( g ), kilograms ( kg ), ounces ( oz ), pounds ( lb ), tablespoons ( tbl.sp ), teaspoons ( tea.sp ) and dekagrams ( dkg ), quarts US ( qt ), dry quarts (qt dry ), fluid ounce ( fl oz ), grain ( gr ), energy in kilo calorie ( kcal ) or kilojoules ( kJ ). Calculator for nutrition information – total carbohydrates, sugar, dietary fiber, fat, protein, cholesterol per 100g in your specific flour amount, enter all purpose flour amounts converter.

Almond flour

Convert measures of flour from almond nuts weight versus volume measuring units. Almond flour nutritional facts calculator with full dietary information table. Enter almond flour measures converter.

Arrowroot flour organic

This calculator is for converting arrowroot flour, organic version, between weighing and volume measuring units, inclusive of nutrition values for arrowroot flour. Enter arrowroot flour converter.

Arrowroot is often referred to as araru, ararao, obedience plant and Bermuda arrowroot.

Baking powder

Convert a baking powder measuring units in weight sense or volume to equivalent units of measure. Enter baking powder amounts converter.

Bread flour

Translate a bread flour amount measures between: cups (US and Metric cups of bread flour), grams ( g ), kilograms ( kg ), ounces ( oz ), pounds ( lb ), tablespoons ( tblsp ), teaspoons ( teasp ), decagram ( dkg – deka – deca ), grain ( gr ) and quart US ( qt ) enter bread flour amounts translator for baking quality breads.

Buckwheat flour

Convert a buckwheat flour measures between: cups (Metric or US cup of buckwheat flour), g gram, kg kilogram, oz ounce, gr grain, qt quart US lb pound, tblsp tablespoon, teasp teaspoon and dkg dekagram, enter buckwheat flour conversion.

Cake flour

This is calculator for converting a cake flour measuring units and recipe how to create one if you had only a plain flour version. Plus I added in two Metric volume units; liter ( L ) and milliliters ( ml ) which I was often asked about, all other measures and nutrition values remain the same. Enter cake flour amounts converter and the RECIPE to make cake flour out of ordinary flour type.

Carob flour – carob powder

Convert carob flour ( carob powder is the same thing as carob flour only called differently ) nutritional facts values and measuring units between weight and volume amounts. Enter carob flour measures and nutritional data conversions.

Coconut flour

Coconut flour measuring units, weight vs. volume, converter and coconut flour nutritional facts listed in a nutrients table. Enter coconut flour converter.

Cornflour (Maize – Cornstarch)

Convert a cornflour flour unit measure amount between: cups (Metric or US cup of cornflour, maize, cornstarch), g gram, kg kilogram, oz ounce, gr grain, qt quart US lb pound, tblsp tablespoon, teasp teaspoon and dkg dekagram, enter cornflour – maize / cornstarch calculator.

Flour type 00 (zero)

Flour type 00 (zero zero) conversion for measuring amounts between: US and Metric cups of flour type 00, grams g, kilograms kg, ounces oz, pounds lb, grain gr, quarts qt, tablespoons tbl.sp, teaspoons tea.sp or dekagrams dkg, enter 00 flour amounts conversion calculator tool.

Gluten flour – high in gluten properties

This is converter for flour rich in gluten, or in other words, it is a flour which has a high gluten properties. Convert gluten flour measuring units, weight versus volume amounts. Enter gluten flour units converter.

Gluten free flour

Convert a gluten free flour unit amount between: cups (Metric or US cup of gluten free flour), g gram, kg kilogram, oz ounce, gr grain, qt quart US lb pound, tblsp tablespoon, teasp teaspoon and dkg dekagram, enter gluten free flour converter.

Hazelnut meal

Convert a measuring unit from meal of hazel nuts between volume and mass weight into another unit and its amount. Nutritional information facts of hazelnut meal and this meal’s dietary information table. Enter hazelnut meal converter.

Plain flour

Convert a plain flour amounts between: cup ( US and Metric cup of plain flour ), gram ( g ), kilogram ( kg ), ounce ( oz ), pound ( lb ), tablespoon ( tbl.sp ), teaspoon ( tea.sp ), grain ( gr ), quart US ( qt ) and dekagram ( dkg – deka – deca ), enter plain flour amounts converter.

Potato flour

Convert a potato flour amounts between units: cups (Metric or US cup of potato flour), g gram, kg kilogram, oz ounce, gr grain, qt quart US lb pound, tblsp tablespoon, teasp teaspoon and dkg dekagram, enter potato flour measures conversion.

Rice flour

Convert a rice flour measuring units between: cups (Metric or US cup of rice flour), g gram, kg kilogram, oz ounce, gr grain, qt quart US lb pound, tblsp tablespoon, teasp teaspoon and dkg dekagram, enter rice flour calculator.

Rye flour

Convert a rye flour amount measures between: cups – Metric or US cups of rye flour, grams – g, kilograms – kg, ounces – oz, pounds – lb, tablespoons – tbl.sp, teaspoons – tea.sp, grains – gr, quarts US – qt and decagrams – dkg – deka – deca, enter rye flour amounts converter.

Self raising flour

Convert a self raising flour amount measure between: cups ( US and Metric cup of self-raising flour ), gram g, kilogram kg, ounce oz, grain gr, quart US qt pound lb, tablespoon tblsp, teaspoon teasp and dekagram dkg – deca – deka, enter self raising flour amount converter for baking cakes.

Soy flour

Convert a soy flour unit measure amount between: cups (Metric or US cup of soy flour), g gram, kg kilogram, oz ounce, gr grain, qt quart US lb pound, tblsp tablespoon, teasp teaspoon and dkg dekagram, enter soy flour calculator.

Spelt flour white organic

Convert a spelt white flour between units of volume measure and weight: cups (Metric or US cup of spelt flour), g gram, kg kilogram, oz ounce, gr grain, qt quart US lb pound, tblsp tablespoon, teasp teaspoon and dkg dekagram, enter white spelt flour calculator.

Spelt flour wholemeal organic

Convert a spelt wholemeal white flour between units of volume measure and weight: cups (Metric or US cup of spelt flour), g gram, kg kilogram, oz ounce, gr grain, qt quart US lb pound, tblsp tablespoon, teasp teaspoon and dkg – dag dekagram, enter wholemeal spelt flour converter.

How to measure and weigh flours correctly?

When the exact flour type volume to weight is known, by weighing flour on scales is more accurate approach. Otherwise, sieve a flour straight into a cup measure, or at least, fill the cup with the flour by using spoon. Scooping with the cup in a jar or bag of flour gives the mass reading in higher excess – which would most probably result in a dry cake, etc.

Tapioca flour organic

This calculator is for converting tapioca flour, organic kind, between measuring and weighing units, inclusive of nutritional values. Enter tapioca flour amounts converter.

Tapioca (unground, root, organic-or-not product is called tapioca pearl) is also often referred to as aipim, boba, macaxeira, mandioca, manioc, manioca, yuca, cassava or bitter cassava.

Walnuts meal – ground walnuts

Convert measures of ground walnuts meal between volume and weight units. Nutritional facts calculator with dietary info table for ground walnuts meal. Enter ground walnuts meal converter.

Whole wheat flour

Calculate a whole wheat flour measure and change it between: cups (Metric and US cups of whole wheat flour), grain, gr, quart US, qt, grams, g, kilograms, kg, ounces, oz, pounds, lb, tablespoons, tblsp, teaspoons, teasp and dekagrams, dkg, deka, deca, enter whole wheat flour amounts calculator.

Whole-wheat Coarse flour – coarsely milled

Conversions for coarsely milled whole-wheat flour measurements: cups (Metric and US cups of whole-wheat coarse flour), whole wheat coarse grind flour converter.

Wholemeal flour – All grain flour

Convert a Wholemeal flour (or translates also to all-grain flour) measures and exchange amounts between: cups (US and Metric cups of wholemeal flour), g gram, kg kilogram, oz ounce, gr grain, qt quart US lb pound, tblsp tablespoon, teasp teaspoon and dkg deka deca dekagram, enter the wholemeal and All grain flour calculator.

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  1. Usefully converted my tasks;

    from 5 1/2 and half cups of plain all-purpose flour to grams g

    and self rising flour from 2 1/3 cups into g grams

    Comment from/about : Jill | Permalink

  2. I’ve been enjoying your flour converters heaps making all sorts of calculations but mainly from grams to cups and oz for recipes I create … today I needed to convert a few value amounts the other way around from oz to grams for all purpose flour for a friend of mine who is baking my apple cake. Cheers

    Comment from/about : Flour Dusted | Permalink

  3. Is the volume of normal cup different to dry cup ?
    What is a dry cup size compared to the ordinary cup ?

    Can any one explain to me what is the difference in size between dry cup and liquid cup in the measures? How different is liquid cup to the dry cup in measuring flour amount or any other ingredient? Or to put it this way, what is the volume of dry cups compared to volume of liquid cups. They should be the same in the amount sense shouldn’t they? Thank you.

    Comment from/about : Emma | Permalink

  4. Dry cup versus liquid cup

    Both cup and dry cup have the same volume.

    The difference is applied only in what either of these measuring cups is being used for. What the cup measuring tool is designed to be used for, technically. For example the dry-cup lets you to fill it right to the rim so you can scrape off the excess e.g. a flour type. While the liquid-cup ( cup ) allows you to basically fill it to the cup mark without the risk of spilling a liquid out, the mark is well below the uppermost edge of the container. Anything else than that, there isn’t any difference between dry cup and normal cup and, the volume of these two cup types is or should be the same.

    Comment from/about : convert | Permalink

  5. Hi Convert, ta for the dry cup versus liquid cup explanation. It is exactly what i searched Google for! Your answer is the best from what I found.

    Comment from/about : John | Permalink

  6. I was also looking for the same answer about the ordinary cup vs dry cup differences, so thanks for the explaining. I’ve always thought both cups are having the same size and that neither dry cup or liquid cup of the same system could be larger nor smaller in their actual volume measure. Now I know I am always spot on right :)

    Comment from/about : Denis | Permalink

  7. Super that you are adding carbs to kcal conversions options in your converters. I think many people will find this very useful as I do. Same for the total carbohydrates – sugars, protein, fat, cholesterol levels and dietary fiber ( or is it fibre ? ) that the page is capable to show for each food product. All of us, we need to watch this information in our diet to stay healthy an fit!

    Comment from/about : carb info | Permalink

  8. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait till you add in a yeast calculator for making the dough to make it complete for baking! This is one of the best sets for baking measures conversions us cups to grams and dekagrams or kilograms to use for practical purposes in this fast life we live in. If you need any help please email me. Your explaning is right there for the dry cup vs liquid cup, either, commonly called just cup or as the wet cup and the dry cup, both have exactly the same volume.

    Comment from/about : baker bob | Permalink

  9. I used the baking converter flour and salt. Perfect!

    Comment from/about : Olivia | Permalink

  10. Also I was thinking how to convert dry cups to cups and it’s so easy :)

    Comment from/about : flour baker | Permalink

  11. The details above and the explanation about measuring differences between the 2 types of cups the cup and the dry cup are correct, I second all of that. If I may add: level measures, or dry cups in question, are generally used for dry measures for instance flours. In cooking and recipe ingredients measuring or conversion of the amounts, dry and wet or liquid measures are always the same in the volume amount. This goes for the cups and the same applies also for dry or liquid teaspoons or for dry or wet tablespoons. But everyone knows that the measuring results obtained by the dry versus the liquid or wet methods, but THIS IS PRIMARILY applied out in a shop or at the fresh food markets NOT in the kitchen, for the same fruit will very likely be much different. The dry cup method measure produces values that are 16% lower. And liquid-wet measures are 16% higher when compared with dry. It has also one advantage for using a fresh produce for cooking at home or for business; dry cup of ei. apples after they are cleaned becomes the cooking dry or liquid cup … hence minus the 16% has become magnificent helping hand in my life! Bread baker enthusiast.

    Comment from/about : Larry | Permalink

  12. Thanks guys for the how to convert dry cup to cup used in a recipe. Spending lots for what’s cooking this weekend so I just wanted to double check. Now I know I was always using either wet or dry looking only at what volume I get, which is right … basics; in us system liquid cup converts into dry cup @ 100% both have the same volume which translates to – 8 fluid ounce us fl oz – 0.50 pint liquid us pt – 0.25 quart liquid qt – 236.59 milliliters ml per us cup or equals to 250 ml if metric cup.

    Comment from/about : cup to dry cup | Permalink

  13. Dry measuring cups verses wet measuring cups and which is bigger or which one of these two is smaller. It was always a common question people may ask. I use any in either way, wet for flour or dry for liquids. My dry cup measure takes 5 cups volume but the wet cup measure I have takes only 1 cup. That’s completely enough for me kitchen and cooking. I always knew since childhood that the drycup equals wetcup exactly equally.

    Comment from/about : Rod | Permalink

  14. Is dry cup same as standard cup?

    Yes definitely dry cups vs liquid cups amount both share exactly the same line mark. Anybody can test it simply by pouring for example water from one cup to another cup. There are no differences in their volume. The difference how each cup looks comes into the account when dry ingredients like flour for instance and liquid ingredients like milk for example are being measured although again this too may not need to be requirement. The actual flour ingredient amount does not have to be converted between the 2 cups or in other words conversions from dry to liquid cup are not necessity as their volume is the same. I am surprised that people have an issue with this, it must be an Europian thing :) I know I was born in there…

    Comment from/about : family home chef baker dad | Permalink

  15. What brought me in here was the same dilemma regarding the conversion between a wet cup and a dry cup units often mentioned in cooking recipes. So no any call for adjusting just that it should be taken easy then , I am glad and it helps!

    The chef cook apprentice.

    Comment from/about : Another chef cook apprentice | Permalink

  16. I used your all purpose flour and selfraising flour calculators for converting 6 2/3 and 6 1/3 cup and then 8 3/4 and 4 3/4 cups of flour into dkg deka grams and/or g gram ( si ) amount measures that I much more often work with for baking recipes and on my kitchen table.

    Comment from/about : calculating flour from cups to dkg or deka-grams | Permalink

  17. Thanks for the answer on how to differentiate the cup to dry cup and how can these 2 types of cups be actually used for measuring ingredients for cooking without conversion necessary. I did think that the wet/liquid cup is the same as dry cup in the actual volume and that there’s no wet vs. dry measuring cup difference for adding flour for instance.

    Comment from/about : dry cup to cup measure | Permalink

  18. 1 cup wet equals cup dry in their volume easy as that and exactly! Either for flours or other ingredients from a baking recipe.

    Comment from/about : 1 cup dry equals 1 cup wet | Permalink

  19. Delightful flour calculators for baking conversion ounce cup dry ingredients! And the wet cup size vs dry cup size issue is resolved!

    Comment from/about : flour calculators | Permalink

  20. I’ve had a good read on your calculations and it’s all very interesting and thank you so much for the information. Especially about the difference in the cup measurements.

    Now, I’m wondering if anyone can clarify if the liquid amounts are measured from the top or the bottom of the miniscus when looking through the side of a glass measuring cup? Thank you!

    Comment from/about : Measuring tool | Permalink

  21. Valuable calculators for flour weight volume equivalent measures for baking but also any other powder or fluid style based recipes. Most often when I bake I must do flour conversion weight cups mainly to scale from grammes ( g ) into ounces ( oz ) but normally it always comes to all common varieties including in pounds ( lbs ), kilograms ( kgs), dekagrams ( dkgs ) of flour, you name it. So basically all this is a part of good/proper equipment and always very helpful.

    Comment from/about : flour volume weight equivalent measures | Permalink

  22. Thank you for flour conversions:

    1 ounce ( oz ) of flour equals 28.35 gram ( g ) of flour. Fraction : 28 7/20 gram ( g ).

    2 ounces ( oz ) of flour equals 56.70 grams ( g ) of flour. Fraction : 56 7/10 grams ( g ) of flour.

    3 ounces ( oz ) of flour converted = 85.05 grams ( g ) of flour, fraction is 85 1/20 gram ( g ) of flour.

    4 ounces ( oz ) of flour = 113.40 grams ( g ) of flour = 113 2/5 gram ( g ) of flour.

    5 ounces ( oz ) of flour equals to 141.75 grams ( g ) of flour. Fraction number is 141 3/4 gram ( g ) of flour.

    Conversion of 6 ounces ( oz ) of flour equals to 170.10 grams ( g ) of flour = 170 1/10 gram ( g ).

    Amount 7 ounce ( oz ) of flour = 198.45 grams ( g ) of flour and the fraction is 198 9/20 gram ( g ).

    8 ounces ( oz ) of flour = 226.80 grams ( g ) = 226 4/5 gram ( g )

    9 ounces ( oz ) of flour = 255.15 grams ( g ) = 255 3/20 gram ( g )

    10 ounces ( oz ) of flour = 283.50 grams ( g ) = 283 1/2 gram ( g )

    0.5 kilogram ( kg ) of flour equals 17.64 ounces ( oz ) of flour, fraction is 17 16/25 ounce ( oz ) of flour.

    Amount 1 kilo ( kg ) of flour converted weights 35.27 ounces ( oz ) of flour = 35 27/100 ounce ( oz ) of flour.

    Amount 1.5 kilos ( kg ) of flour equals to 52.91 ounces ( oz ) of flour or 52 91/100 ounce ( oz ).

    2 kilograms ( kg ) of flour weights 70.55 ounce ( oz ) of flour after conversion, 70 11/20 ounces ( oz ) flour.

    Comment from/about : flour kg into oz and grams | Permalink

  23. Making pizza dough for tonight and needed to convert how much is 6 cups of flour in grams g.

    Comment from/about : 6 cups of flour for pizza dough in grams | Permalink

  24. Well done flours calculators and for baking recipe measuring cups flour conversion to grams or deka and kilograms.

    Comment from/about : Recipe flour cups to grammes conversion for baking. | Permalink

  25. No more problems with baking or cooking conversions flour grams to tablespoons with these flour converter tools. Plus all other weight vs volume units that can be generally used in measuring flour parts in a flour based recipes or for a small amounts of flour. gr8 m8 keep up the good work!

    Comment from/about : conversion flour grams to tablespoons | Permalink

  26. Thank you for these flour calculators for conversion from pounds flour to cups flour. It was so quick and handy.

    Comment from/about : conversion from pounds flour to cups flour | Permalink

  27. Very useful flour online web calculators for my conversions e.g.; how many cups of flour are in 1 kg of flour or in 1 pound amount/measure.

    Comment from/about : How many cups of flour in 1 kg of flour or 1 pound | Permalink

  28. Cannot be without this calculators for how many oz in a cup of flour.

    And other common for flour measures like pound, but also kilograms, grams and from a volume of flour and not only ounces.

    Comment from/about : how many oz in a cup of flour | Permalink

  29. Is the conversion (from lbs. to cups) for all-purpose and self-rising flour — the same for “cake flour”? Thank you!!
    8/24/09 10:40 P.M. EST

    Comment from/about : Alli the cake baker: question about cake flour? | Permalink

  30. Before I make the cake flour weight/volume converter (thank you for the suggestion) please use the rye flour calculator instead, link is above. Cake and rye flours are very similar in their weight measure. 1 cup (US) of cake flour is 100g and rye flour is 102 grams per US cup. Very similar, almost the same. Just convert into your units that you are most comfortable with.

    Cake flour: 100 grams ( g ) per cup Equals: 3.53 ounces ( oz ).
    Fraction : 3 53/100 ounce (oz)

    Rye flour: 102 grams ( g ) per cup Equals: 3.60 ounces ( oz ).
    Fraction : 3 3/5 ounce (oz)

    So cake flour is lighter in the weight but also in its color, than for instance the all purpose AP or plain flour, because it contains less gluten. Therefore cake flour will be thinner if a same water is added into it as into other flour types. this is due to a higher content of protein they have, which cakeflour lucks.

    Comment from/about : cake flour VS. rye flour | Permalink

  31. I have a recipe that calls for self-rising flour.I want to use general purpose flour.My grandmother used
    salt and baking soda to make the process work.What amounts per cup of flour should I use?

    Comment from/about : Leatha Spagnuolo | Permalink

  32. Hi Leatha, thank you for your note. You can use the common, plain, all purpose flour. Add 1 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder as the raising agent and plus 1/2 teaspoon of table salt to make the self raising flour type. I added this recipe for how to make self riasing flour in the SR flour conversion page with a bit of more explanation I got from my SR pack I purchased recently.

    Comment from/about : How to go about making self raising flour from plain all purpose flour? | Permalink

  33. Thanks a lot for these flour calculator pages. Recently I had to convert 10 kilograms of flour into cups, weight measure into dry volume, that with your help went fast. I am pleased to say that all amounts according to the recipe baked very well.

    Comment from/about : 10 kilograms flour to cups | Permalink

  34. Excellent flour calculators. Very useful for flour weight measures convert from grams into volume in cups, and the other way around, from volume in e.g. these cups to scaled weight amounts conversions. And for all types of flours that we daily use in our kitchen as well.

    Comment from/about : Flour weight from grams to volume cups convert. | Permalink

  35. I am a baker by hobby and professional. These are quality pages for all conversions used in baking between flour measures and amounts, from cups of flour into kilograms kg or dekagrams dkg, converting for mixing by bakers couldn’t be any easier than this.

    Comment from/about : Conversions baking between cups and kg or dkg. | Permalink

  36. Hi

    I’ve been enjoying your helpfull text.Do you Know How much wheat flour I should use to have 1 kg bread?


    Comment from/about : wheat bread | Permalink

  37. How to convert 100 g of flour into cups? Excellent! I was converting this in 100 grams to cup portion, 0.01 cup per 1g (not 100g ) in all purpose plain while flour type, but also in self rising flour, whole wheat flour or wholemeal flour and of course the cake flour; in which 100 g = 1 cup because one cup equals 100g of flour. I often bake with your suggestions, ta.

    Comment from/about : convert 100 g flour to cups | Permalink

  38. How many calories in 100g flour? I was very glad to find so easily this information as to convert flour from 100 grams portion into calorie Cal portion and kilo_calories kcal and kilojoules in diet respect and for daily energy from food intake calculation.

    Comment from/about : 100 grams of flour to calorie portion in diet | Permalink

  39. I needed to find out what is weight of cake flour versus ap flour mass. Brilliant, thank you for these online tools can be used easy for all sorts of culinary baking desires!

    Comment from/about : Weight of cake flour vs ap flour mass. | Permalink

  40. This might come under the category of “picky, picky, picky”, but…
    Which converters to use for specialty flours? Such as:
    Spelt Flour (Unbleached aka White)
    Spelt Flour (Whole Grain)
    Rice Flour (White)
    Rice Flour (Brown)

    How about bran ~ wheat, spelt, oat, rice, etc.?

    added by Admin: Thanks for the note, it is not picky. I am able to create these speciality flours calculators for you. Would you be able to provide me with these products’ exact mass, weight per one US measuring cup? I will use each measure as variable mathematics for each calculator, so the cup measure has to be 100% correct.

    Comment from/about : “Specialty flours” | Permalink

  41. I made conversion from 2 cups of flour to pounds lbs and oz ounces.

    Comment from/about : 2 cups of flour to pounds and ounces. | Permalink

  42. May you be so nice and add the coconut flour into this list of flours. I need to convert what is flour from coconut, an amount from oz to cup of coconut flour.

    added by admin: Thank you for your request. It is included now: the shredded coconut and the coconut flour converter you asked about.

    Comment from/about : What is conversion from oz to cup for coconut flour? | Permalink

  43. Detailed charts for flour nutritional information inclusive of energy content with all other nutrients flours have.

    Comment from/about : Any flour nutritional information, energy content. | Permalink

  44. Perfect work radiates from this site.

    I need to substitute arrowroot for tapioca so I just guess it at 1:1 arrowroot:tapioca ratio and hope it will be still a good thickener. Never the less would it be practical or possible to develop a converter/s for instance to change 0.25 cups arrowroot equals how much cornstarch, also in cup and potentially in other measures commonly used.

    Such similar tool could be applied in work with yeasts as well. One example is how to substitute active dry yeast for fresh soft yeast.

    Comment from/about : Replacement arrowroot tapioca | Permalink

  45. offers a much much precise flour converters between volume and weight for instance a flour grams vs. spoons results in the same flour, and the other way around from weight to volume amounts. I often exchange weight spoon grams.

    Comment from/about : What is flour weight spoon grams flour. | Permalink

  46. Is there supposed to be some difference between one cup of unsifted flour as compared to the same cup measure of sifted flour? Roland

    Yes sifted flour makes the cup lighter in weight. Unsifted volume measure is heavier and a cup of flour scooped into the cup becomes even more heavier because the flour is much denser, more firmply packed into the cup measure (as if pushed into).

    Comment from/about : sifted flour vs. unsifted and scooped flour | Permalink

  47. If I need to use all purpose flour instead off cake flour, how much less of the all purpse flour should I use per 250 ml of cake flour?


    added by admin: Hi Erica, less by 30 ml (2 tbsp), basically you would use 220 ml of all purpose flour exactly, to replace 250ml of CF. Even though it is best to stick with whatever flour type a recipe calls for, this substitution with all purpose flour for cake flour works very well.

    1 cup of all purpose flour minus 2 tablespoons (1 c — 2 tbsp’s) replaces 1 cup of cake flour.

    1 cup equals 16 tablespoons. So in other words:

    14 tbsp of all purpose flour = 1 cup of CF
    2 cups minus 4 tbsp’s, or 28 tbsp of all purpose flour is substituting for 2 cups of CF

    Measure also sieved like with any other flour, not dipped. I will make some converter for substituting types of flours and will move this text to the main flour types page.

    So basically formula to calculate subbing all purpose flour for CF goes 7 to 8 (700 grams of APF instead of 800 grams of CF. Or 350 g of All Purpose Flour substitutes for 400 g of CF and so on. More conversion examples:

    1.4 kg of all purpose flour goes for 1.6 kg of cake flour
    1000 g of APF = 1140 grams of CF
    1 kilogram of CF = 875 grams of all purpose flour

    7 oz of all purpose flour substitutes for 8 oz of CF
    0.7 pound of all purpose flour substitutes for 0.8 pound of CF

    Comment from/about : Cake flour and All purpose flour | Permalink

  48. Thank you for the directions and calculator for how to make cup/s self rising flour using 2 teaspoon baking powder per each cup of flour.

    Comment from/about : 10 tsp baking powder grams | Permalink

  49. What is the formula for calculating ratio how many teasp of baking powder go in 4 and 3/4 cups of self raising flour? I would like to know how much baking powder to put mixed into flour to make self rising flour. I was wondering whether also only bicarbonate soda ( bi-carbonated soda or bi carb soda ) could be used and achieve the flour to rise in the oven the same way with equal results to b-powder.

    Comment from/about : Cups of baking powder presence in flour | Permalink

  50. I made conversion of 24 dry grams = tablespoons for an other non-floury substance. The flour instance will do for the very similar consistency and mass.

    Comment from/about : 25 dry grams = tablespoons? | Permalink

  51. Could you make extra converter-s to calculate how much powder for baking, or baking soda, goes to normal flour to quickly make self rising flour any quantity? Thanking you.

    1. How much baking powder equals 100g self raising flour?
    2. How much baking powder per cup of flour? To make a home made self rising flour type.

    Comment from/about : How much baking powder or soda in flour? | Permalink

  52. Yes, can you create a calculator for mixing baking powder or bicarbonate soda into flour? For instance, how much baking powder and soda goes in 5 cups of flour?

    Comment from/about : How much baking powder and soda in 5 cups of flour? | Permalink

  53. […] I used this site. It has volume/weight conversions, metric and US cups and takes in account that different types of flour have a different volume. Temperature, length and volume measurements I converted with this site. […]

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  54. How many cups of flour equals 1 kilogram? I mastered conversions for certain flour portions from weight sense to flour in volume measure or various measures according the weight scale. I do it the opposite way this week using liquid instead of solids weight measuring of flour.

    Comment from/about : A flour kilograms/s to volume measure/s conversion. | Permalink

  55. What is the weight in grams of whole grain flour? Whole grain flour per cup = grams for instance. Wayne

    Comment from/about : Can you add a whole grain flour converter? cup = ? g weight. | Permalink

  56. Can you please add sorghum & millet flour to your flours list? Can you please add sorghum and millet flours to this list?

    Comment from/about : Lisa | Permalink

  57. If a recipe calls for 4-1/2 cups all purpose flour and I want to use cake flour, then how much cake flour in ounces do I use?

    Comment from/about : Linda Hall | Permalink

  58. What is the difference between regular flour or APF all purpose flour and cake flour?

    To suit your specific purpose

    To exchange 4-1/2 cups of all purpose flour for usual cake flour :

    Quick math: 4.5 c = 72 tbsp. 16 cups APF = 14 cups cake flour. 72 tbsp APF = 63 tbsp of cake flour. 63 tbsp = 3.9 cups (exactly 3.9375 cups = 13.9 ounces [oz net wt] of cake flour ~ 14 cups rounded).

    Therefore …

    4-1/2 cups (or 4.5 c) of bleached sifted APF = 3.9 cups of cake flour (or 3-1/9th ~ 3-1/8 though slightly wetter cake) which makes it 13.9 oz (ounces net wt.) of cake flour.

    Cake flour is more delicate in a sense that it has finer texture and usually it is also bleached. Hence the finer texture of cakes made with using cake flour. I would use cake flour only if it was unbleached though, it’s healthier but it is me I do not mind to compromise with the cake finesse quality judged marginally lower.

    If a culinary formula calls for all purpose flour when you have none at home, so you want to substitute the APF with cake flour, which absorbs moisture in a bit better (such as water or butter), you can substitute three quarters of a cup of bleached sifted all purpose flour with added two tablespoons of cornstarch for every one cup of cake flour.

    The other way around – you can substitute 1 cup of ready made cake flour type with 3/4 cup of bleached all purpose flour plus 2 tbsp cornstarch.

    cup = 16 tbsp of all purpose flour contains:
    3/4 cup = 12 tbsp of plain bleached flour PLUS
    1/8 cup = 2 tbsp cornstarch

    3/4 cup which is 12 tbsp volume of all purpose flour + 2 tbsp of cornstarch mixed together (making 14 tbsp of cake flour) converts into 1 cup (or 16 table spoons) of all purpose flour total. In other words, for every cup of cake flour use 3/4 cup of bleached all purpose flour with 2 tbsp of cornstarch.

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  59. Label on whole wheat pastry flour says a 1/4 cup serving = 30g.
    It also says there are 45 servings in the 48 oz (3 pound) 1.35Kg bag.

    Is there a flour type I can use in your converter that matches a whole wheat pastry flour? If not, can you create a conversion for this type of flour?

    I want to make some whole wheat pasta, and the recipe calls for 1 1/2 cups of whole wheat pastry flour. Can I just weigh out 180g and that will equal what I need (30g x 4 x 1.5)?

    Your guidance and math skills is greatly appreciated.

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