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Butter and margarine amounts converter

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Butter and Margarine Conversion Results :

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This butter (and margarine) online conversion tool instantly converts amounts of butter between Metric and US unit measuring systems, and vise versa, the calculator deals with all butter amounts / units conversions for your recipe ingredient measurements using any of the following units: cups (US and Metric cups of butter), stick (full, half or double butter-stick), gram g, dekagram dkg – deca – deka, kilogram kg, ounce oz, pound lb, tablespoon tblsp, fluid ounce fl oz and teaspoon teasp of butter and/or margarine. Visit other butters pages as well: ghee butter, cocoa butter and shea butter conversion.

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  1. Every time a recipe calls for a stick of butter, or half or quarter of the stick, I always thought “what stick is the butter measured in”? And so I never used the recipe. But because this one looks to be a very promising I decided to search for how to translate butter amounts from the butter stick to grams.

    butter conversion stick into grams

    Amount measure : 1 stick of butter.
    Equals to weight : 113.40 grams – g of butter.
    The weight of butter but in fraction number : 113 2/5 gram – g of butter.

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  2. My Margarine & Butter kilogram to cups/oz conversion results :

    Amount of butter/margarine : 1 kilogram ( kg ),
    Equals : 4.41 cups of butter – US.
    Results in fraction : 4 41/100 cup of margarine – US.

    Weight of margarine & butter: 1 kilogram ( kg ),
    Equals: 35.27 ounce ( oz ) of margarine.
    Results in fraction : 35 27/100 ounces ( oz ) of butter.

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  3. Cooking or rather baking with an American recipe and must do butter conversion measure 1-1/4 stick to grams.

    A butter measure: 1 1/4 stick of butter ( 1.25 stick ),
    in grams quals to: 141.76 grams ( 141.755 5g ) of butter.
    Fraction result: 141 19/25 gram ( 141 189/250 g ).

    THAAAANKS a lot for making this website!! I was always reluctant to bake something from American recipes, unless it’s from since they have online conversion there.
    I find the use of cup and stick as a measurement for butter and other sticky ingredients are inconvenient, but not anymore.. I’m happily converting all of the recipes I’ve been wanting to make.. yaaaaayyy!!

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  4. I was in need to convert one butter units stick into grams or dekagrams as follows…

    Is butter unit 1.00STICK = 113.40G ?

    Butter unit: 1 stick of butter,
    Equals to: ~ 113.40 grams ( 113.404 400 090 723 53 g ).
    New butter unit in fraction: ~ 113 2/5 gram ( 113 101/250 g ).

    Is butter unit 1.00STICK = 11.34DKG ?

    Butter Unit from: 1 stick of butter,
    Equals : ~ 11.34 dekagrams ( 11.340 440 009 072 353 dkg ).
    Fraction per stick butter units measure/s into deka g : 11 17/50 dekagram ( dkg ).

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  5. The butter unit I use most often are grams or deka so this converter from a butter-unit like the stick of butter for example, changing value directly into all the other units indeed are very practical when dealing with such butter measuring unit for baking or cooking recipes.

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  6. One stick of butter is roughly 113.4 grams, but use this helpful butters conversion website: butter units online tool.

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  7. Fabulous tool! Great help to me whenever I come across recipes that use sticks of butter as the measurement instead of measuring butter weight in grams or ounces. It can be quite disastrous when you get it wrong … either to much or too little butter … very subjective when each individual perceives differently what a stick of butter actual weight is.

    I have a lot of Dutch recipes this butter converter is amazing, I am so glad I found it.

    Hans Smith

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  8. If I am using Crisco or similar solid vegetable shortening, what is the conversion from cups to ounces? It is such a mess to measure into cup-denominated amounts and all of it never comes out easily of measuring container anyway. Weight would definitely be the way to go.

    added by admin: Thanks for the note about shortening. The weight is practically almost similar to the weight of butter, in volume to weight measuring sense, so for now please use the butter calculator instead also for shortening. I will add it in though for you, and other fats as well to make it complete, just must finish few other pages beforehand.

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  9. I keep packages of butter and Crisco in the freezer to grab when I have to make a pie or tart at short notice.

    The first couple of batches of pie dough were a little greasy. I’d like to try weighing the Crisco and to use it instead of common butter.

    How much does 1 cup of Crisco weigh?

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