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Eggs weight vs. volume and nutritional facts

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Eggs – 5 chicken egg sizes

All facts about eggs. Convert jumbo, extra large, large, medium and small chicken egg sizes measuring units. The converter includes also all chicken eggs nutritional values information, including cholesterol levels or proteins details. Enter chicken egg nutritional values and conversion.

Egg white

Chicken egg whites, specified in different egg sizing, nutrients and measuring units conversion between weight and volume amounts. Enter egg whites nutrition and conversion.

Egg yolk

Convert a measuring units of egg yolk from various types of eggs, from five variations between jumbo eggs to small eggs. Weight versus volume amounts and inclusive of yolk dietary information. Enter egg yolks measures conversion.

Dried eggs

Whole dried eggs converter to measure portions and procedure for how much water to add to reconstitute dried eggs into whole egg(s). Enter dried egg conversion.

Duck egg

Duck eggs nutritional details and measuring units conversion in weight vs. volume units. Enter duck eggs calculator page.

Goose egg

Convert measuring units of the real large and heavy goose eggs. Units of measure and geese eggs nutritional units as well. Enter goose eggs values.

Powdered eggs

Eggs in powdered form nutrients. Convert a powdered eggs measuring units between weight and volume amounts. Enter egg powder values conversion.

Quail eggs

The smallest commonly used poultry eggs. How big or how heavy are quail eggs? I was a good fun to make this converter for analyzing quail eggs. Chart for their nutrients is included. Enjoy. Enter quail eggs sizing.

Turkey egg

Turkey eggs, converter of volume vs. weight measuring units and turkey eggs nutrition details. Enter turkey eggs measures.

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  1. Absolutely great calculators for what I wondered about; how many medium eggs equal to 12 and 15 large eggs. I incline more towards precision because in baking delicate pastries all ingredients need to be kept exact in each batch to achieve the same results. Especially with eggs in flour because egg have lots of water.

    Comment from/about : How many medium eggs equate to 12/15 large eggs? | Permalink

  2. I’ve been looking all over the net for sites regarding egg nutrients, came across yours, I believe the most comprehensive in information and details, keep up the good work!

    Comment from/about : Egg Nutrients | Permalink

  3. Hey, I looked for info on duck eggs versus chicken eggs nutrition, simply to check for health matter reasons. At the end of the page, these two eggs are about the same.

    Comment from/about : Duck egg vs Chicken egg nutrients | Permalink

  4. Had to find out volume of eggs. How many ml in an egg how heavy they are.

    Comment from/about : How many ml is in an egg? | Permalink

  5. Easy to find out how many grams of protein in one egg and to compared protein grams between one duck egg, in one goose eggs, in one quail egg and from one turkey egg. Plus I could calculate how much proteins is in each of these eggs per 100 grams value.

    Comment from/about : How many grams of protein in an egg? | Permalink

  6. Egg pieces, or for each egg yolk and egg white, volumes versus weights converting for baking purposes.

    Comment from/about : Eggs pieces weight vs volume. | Permalink

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