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Conversion of ingredients measures from culinary cooking recipes

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Convert any arrowroot measure between volume and weight unit amounts. Enter arrowroot converter.

Baking powder

Convert a baking powder measuring units in weight sense or volume to equivalent units of measure. Enter baking powder amounts converter.

Buckwheat groats

Buckwheat groats/grains amount measures between: cups ( US and Metric cup of dried buckwheat), grams ( g ), decagram ( dkg – deka – deca ), kilograms ( kg ), ounces ( oz ), pounds ( lb ), fluid ounces ( floz ), tablespoons ( tbl.sp ) and teaspoons ( tea.sp ), enter buckwheat amounts.

Butter & margarine

Convert a butter or margarine amount measure used in culinary between: cups ( US and Metric cups of butter ), sticks (full, half or double butter-stick), grams ( g ), kilograms ( kg ), ounces ( oz ), pounds ( lb ), tablespoons ( tbl.sp ), teaspoons ( tea.sp ) and dekagrams ( dkg – deka – deca ), enter butter (or margarine) amounts converter.

Carob powder – carob flour

Convert carob powder ( carob flour is the same as carob powder only with different name for the same thing ) nutritional facts values and measuring units between volume amounts and weight scales. Enter carob powder measures and nutritional data conversions.

Caviar black and red

Convert red and black caviar color measuring units. The caviar page includes table with extensive caviar nutrition values. Enter caviar measures with all nutrition values.

Chia seeds – black and/or white color chia seed

Convert a chia seeds amount measure and nutritional values of white and black colour chia seed. Enter chia nutritional amounts converter.

Chocolates & Carob

Various chocolates, cocoa (cacao) and carob main page. Health and life style; chocolates and carob nutritional information and measuring units conversions. Enter carob and chocolates.

Go directly to pages: carob chips | carob chocolate | carob flour | carob powder | cocoa butter | cocoa powder | dark chocolate 45-59% cocoa | dark chocolate 60-69% cocoa | dark chocolate 70-85% cocoa | milk chocolate | white chocolate |

Cocoa butter

Convert a cocoa butter measuring unit between weight and volume amounts. Enter cocoa butter measures conversion.

Cocoa powder – dry unsweetened

Dry unsweetened cocoa powder amounts and measures conversion including dietary values. Cocoa powder and cacao powder are the same product. Enter cocoa powder amounts converter.

Cream of Tartar

For cooking with cream of tartar – here is the online web tool for Cream of Tartar mass weight vs liquid volume measures converter. Cream of Tartar dietary and nutritional information details. Enter the cream of tartar units converter.

Corn products

Convert measures of different corn product types for preparing corn based meals. Enter corn product converters archive.

Direct to corn product calculators | Corn bran | Cornflour maize – Cornstarch | Dry Corn grains kernels | Canned corn kernels – drained | Cornmeal | light corn syrup |


Convert couscous various measuring units. Couscous nutritional information. Enter couscous units and nutrients.


Various eggs; 5 different sizes of common chicken eggs, egg yolk, egg whites, duck eggs, dried eggs, goose eggs, the little quail eggs, whole turkey eggs and powdered eggs main page. Health and life style; eggs nutritional information including cholesterol values, protein and fats or vitamins, etc. details for eggs and eggs’ measuring units conversions. Enter egg types main page.

Directly to eggs pages: eggs (5 different sizes) | egg whites | egg yolk | dried eggs | duck eggs | goose eggs | powdered whole eggs | quail eggs | turkey eggs |

Flour types – weight vs. volume conversion

Convert measures of all flour types for baking recipes. Enter flour amounts converters main page.

Direct to flour products converters | all purpose flour | almond flour | arrowroot flour | bread flour | buckwheat flour | cake flour | carob flour | coconut flour | cornflour maize/cornstarch | flour type 00 | gluten flour | gluten free flour | hazelnut meal | plain flour | potato flour | rye flour | self raising flour | soy flour | spelt flour, white | spelt flour, wholemeal | rice flour | tapioca flour | wholemeal flour | whole wheat flour | walnuts meal |

Ghee – ghee butter

Convert ghee, ghee butter fat, culinary amounts between various unit measures used in kitchens. Ghee nutritional facts and dietary information. Enter ghee amounts and ghee nutrition facts conversion.

Goji berries dried

Convert any dry goji berry measuring units between volume and weight amounts. Organically, bio-dynamically grown dried goji berries were used for making this converter with nutritional information. Enter goji berry measures conversion.


Translation of honey (bee honey) amount measures between: cups ( US and Metric cup of honey ), grams ( g ), decagram ( dkg – deka – deca ), kilograms ( kg ), ounces ( oz ), pounds ( lb ), fluid ounces ( floz ), tablespoons ( tbl.sp ) and teaspoons ( tea.sp ), enter honey (bee honey) amounts translator.

Manuka honey

Active raw manuka honey weights vs. volume measures converter. Manuka honey, product from New Zealand’s clean forests – enter manuka honey conversion.

Mangosteen canned

Convert some canned mangosteen measuring units in weight vs. volume with included nutrients facts for mangosteen fruit. Enter mangosteen measures converter.

Milk various milk products

Convert varieties of milk and other dairy items. Milk weight vs. liquid amounts, nutritional values and dietary facts. Enter milk products main page.

Go directly to milk product pages: buttermilk lowfat | whole buttermilk | condensed milk sweetened | dry nonfat milk | dry whole milk | skim milk powder | full fat milk powder |

Nuts – edible nuts

Convert measures of various types of nuts between any volume versus weight measuring units. Enter list of edible nuts converters.

Go directly to a nut kind converter: | almonds | almonds blanched | almonds dry roasted, salted | almonds oil roasted, salted | almond flour | almond meal | brazil nuts | cashew nuts | cashews roasted, salted | coconut flour | shredded coconut | filberts | hazelnuts | hazelnut meal | macadamia nuts | peanuts | pecans | pecans chopped | walnuts | walnuts chopped | walnuts crushed | walnuts crumbled | walnuts ground meal |

Oil – edible cooking oils

Convert measures of cooking oil types. Enter oil amounts converters main page.

Direct to cooking oil products converters | avocado oil | canola oil | coconut oil | extra light olive oil | extra virgin olive oil (cold pressed) | grapeseed oil | macadamia oil | olive oil (pure) | peanut oil | rice bran oil | sesame oil | soy bean oil | sunflower oil | vegetable oil |

Poppy seeds

Calculate how many single individual poppy seeds are there inside of measures like g, kg, cups, spoons, oz, lb, gal, l, ml, and so on. Then convert measures of poppies between weight and volume amounts. Enter poppies measures conversion.

Rice & rice flour

Convert culinary measures of all rice types from a cooking recipe. Enter rice & rice flour converters main page.

Direct to rice product calculators | basmati rice | long grain rice | rice flour | short round grain rice |

Rolled oats

Convert a rolled oats amount measure between: cups ( dry and liquid US and Metric cups of rolled oats ), grams ( g ), dekagrams ( dkg ), kilograms ( kg ), ounces ( oz ), pounds ( lb ), tablespoons ( tblsp ), liquid ounces ( fl oz ) and teaspoons ( teasp ), enter a rolled oats amount converter.

Salts – weight vs. volume conversion

Convert measures of many salt types for cooking and baking recipes. Enter salt amounts converters main page.

Direct to salt products converters | | Australian lake salt | Celtic sea salt, coarse | Celtic sea salt, fine | Himalayan salt | Murray river salt | pink salt | sea salt, crystallized | sea salt, fine grind | table salt |


Convert a semolina amount measure between: cup ( US and Metric cup of semolina ), gram ( g ), dekagram ( dkg – deka – deca ), kilogram ( kg ), ounce ( oz ), pound ( lb ), tablespoon ( tbl.sp ), fluid ounce ( fl.oz ) and teaspoon ( tea.sp ), enter a semolina amount converter.

Shea butter

Convert any shea butter measuring units in weight versus volume amounts. Enter Shea butter conversion.

Sugar types – volume vs weight conversion

Convert measures of all sugar types for culinary cooking recipes. Enter sugar amounts converters main page.

Direct to culinary art sugar products converters | brown sugar | caster – castor sugar | icing sugar | maple sugar, granulated | maple sugar, solid blocks | raw sugar |

Syrups – sweeteners

Convert amounts of syrups and/or sweeteners. Enter main page with syrup and sweeteners measures converters.

Go directly to syrup products converters used in culinary arts | brown rice syrup | golden syrup | Honey | light corn syrup | malt extract | molasses | maple syrup | treacle syrup |


Convert any tapioca measure between volume and weighing unit amounts. Enter tapioca converter.

Tapioca pearl dried

Convert any dried tapioca pearl measuring units in volume versus weighing amounts. Enter dried tapioca pearl conversion.

Yeast – 3 yeast versions

Yeast measuring units converters and yeast nutritional information values calculators. Enter yeast products page for baking and cooking.
Yeast converters directly: dry instant yeast | baker’s yeast | active yeast (dry form) | yeast equivalents and substitutions between different yeast types are coming.

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  1. Could you please create one rye flour calculator? Thanks!

    Comment from/about : Pete | Permalink

  2. How lucky I was to find this site?! I was wondering how to convert recipes to quarters. Mainly cups or ounces with fl oz and pounds translating to the grams or dekagrams for mostly dry ingredients. I plan to email a couple of my favorite recipes to my friends in France and was able to do all the conversions precisely.

    Comment from/about : Milan | Permalink

  3. I got as it seems a nice fruit cake recipe on line but it is in metric so to be able to make it I had to convert kilograms into ounces — 1 kg = 35.27 oz

    Comment from/about : Gustav | Permalink

  4. Is the dry cup different to a liquid cup, how do they differ in their measurement sizes? Liquid cup versus dry cup explained.

    Comment from/about : convert | Permalink

  5. Thanks for the dkg into ounces food conversion tools. I work as a chef cook and also design food menus therefore I have found your web site to be very handy and I’ve been using it a lot.

    Comment from/about : Parry | Permalink

  6. … plus the other way around from ounces into dkg I forgot to mention, both ways not only from dekagrams to oz

    Comment from/about : Parry | Permalink

  7. We’ve done various multiple conversion g to dkg and then the recipes’ amounts to oz and lb over this week.

    Comment from/about : Baking cooks | Permalink

  8. Yes, in a volume sense there is not need to convert liquid cup to dry cup because up to the cup-mark level these two have exactly the same volume. Dry cup is good to scrape off the extra cooking ingredient from the brim or the top and wet cup is good not to spill a fluid out of it when it is being used (wet cup has the mark well below the rim.) But other than that there is not difference between these two cup types, the dry cup can be still used for measuring liquids and the wet cup can be used to measure dry ingredients like flour, sugar, rice, you name it. I myself use only the wet cup type as it’s the only tool I have to mesure both dry or liquid ingredients. I prefer to weight flour etc.

    Comment from/about : Alan | Permalink

  9. Pretty useful site to convert dry ingredients oz to teaspoons which is what i’ve done. Are you adding extra ingredients?, oils, condensed milk, baking powder, tomato sauce and paste? The existing weight vs volume both for dry and wet units options as you make them for converting recipes are very practical, comprehensive.

    Comment from/about : recipe maker | Permalink

  10. bookmarked as my main recipes ingredients converter and in the past few days i’ve visited several times cause heaps of cooking goes around at my place during this festive season

    Comment from/about : Bill | Permalink

  11. Liked the converter from dkg deka gram or kg kilogram to lbs pounds and to oz ounces for cooking recipes. Or even the idea to add the fluid ounces floz for conversion of values of dry ingredients is fantastic. Often I simply use liquid measures suitable for measuring varieties of dry ingredients found in many – if not all – food recipes because that way the sorting of them gets a lot more quicker.

    Comment from/about : Ian | Permalink

  12. Finally I learned about the dry cup to cup conversion, it had been on my mind many times.

    Comment from/about : dry cup to cup | Permalink

  13. Who would have thought that a conversion from grams and kilograms measurements into fluid ounces, dry into liquid, can be so direct. These recipes converters make my life and experimenting with cooking recipes really much more easier!

    Comment from/about : Elle | Permalink

  14. These javascript code programs for converting cooking ingredients amounts are very practical. Thanks for making them available Convert.

    Comment from/about : Ben | Permalink

  15. Perfect calculators for changes us cup and oz or lb measure to metric for dry ingredients vs liquid amount for example. And for recipe decagrams conversions to grammes and ounces. Keep up the good work!

    Comment from/about : cooking ingredients conversion | Permalink

  16. I could easily convert how many ml ( milliliters ) are in 1 teaspoon as for measuring yeast and got the answers:

    1 teaspoon US ( tea.sp ),
    equals after conversion : 4.93 milliliter ( ml ),
    result in fraction : 4 93/100 milliliters ( ml ).

    1 tea spoon U.K. ( tea sp ),
    equals : 5.92 milliliter ( ml ),
    conversion result in fraction : 5 23/25 milliliters ( ml ).

    1 teaspoon metric ( tsp ),
    equals after conversion : 5 milliliters ( ml ),
    result in fraction : 5 milliliter ( ml ).

    Comment from/about : teaspoon to milliliters conversion ( tsp into ml ) | Permalink

  17. Practical and instant stick of margarine or butter converter to grams plus, all sorts of conversions for cooking between cups and kg recipes !

    Comment from/about : 1 stick of margarine/butter is equal to how many grams – between cups and kg recipe conversions | Permalink

  18. I have a .S. recipe that includes “cornstarch”. I don’t really know what this is, and can’t find it on your site. Help??

    Added by admin: Hello Stephanie. Oh I know “cornstarch”, also used for food thickening in meal recipes. It’s slightly coarse just like the semolina. I will add corn starch (already done including other corn based ingredients) ingredient calculator and some info for you.

    Comment from/about : Stephanie | Permalink

  19. As a professional chef cook I convert ingredients, from either a wet or dry measures, and change from or to volume or weight units, for cooking recipes on a daily bases. At work in my restaurant or in my kitchen at home. Mainly the conversions cooking between cups and kg quantity level and opposite exchanges and your site is extremely valuable to us. The converting tasks I make on take much less time and that is a gold mine in all the food industry, simply convenient!

    Comment from/about : professional cooking recipe ingredients conversion | Permalink

  20. For preparing regular deily meal recipes I do conversions cooking between cups and kg or other measures like dkg (dekagram recipes, used in metric system.)

    Comment from/about : Conversions for cooking between measures in cups and kg’s kilograms. | Permalink

  21. Dear “convert-to”,

    You have created a wonderful resource for converting recipe ingredients measures from 1 unit to another or from one system to another globaly used and practiced; presented professionally and with a great deal of work. Congratulations.
    I would like to include your site in my links and will do all I can to bring this resource to those who make the inevitable enquiries for different asian countries’ cooking food recipes.

    Thank you again,


    Comment from/about : Resource for Asian kitchen food recipes | Permalink

  22. Could you please create a recipe conversion algorithm for yeast types, active dry vs. instant vs. compressed/cake yeast? Such a converter would be esp. helpful to people new to the art of baking and bread-making. Thanks! You have a great website here!

    Comment from/about : R. Hoffman | Permalink

  23. I live in Australia and our baking pans are in metric. A lot of the recipes on line seem to be American and I often see recipes with for instance a – use 9 x 13′ pan for example. I have no idea what this equates to, same with other sizes. Would be helpful if one had a conversion for cooking pans.

    Comment from/about : Baking Pan Conversions | Permalink

  24. Oh, as an dd it to above, I love the conversion site as it makes converting my recipes so much easier. thankyou thankyou, thankyou.

    Added by admin : I often wonder how to substitute a pan, between US and Metric size pans in all sorts of baking/cooking recipes! Thanks to you too, for your idea about who to solve this issue; many people will find it useful. I will look at that in books I have and add also the pan sizes. I am in Brisbane btw — good luck!

    Comment from/about : Converting Recipes | Permalink

  25. I was converting measures in lb’s of sugar and honey into liquid oz’s with your calculators for cooking and baking recipes. Went smoothly and exactly.

    Comment from/about : Converting pounds of sugar and honey into ounces value? | Permalink

  26. I need to know how much white flour to use if the recipe calls for 35 dkg dekagrams.
    Is 1 stick of butter equal to 10 decagrams of margarine?
    How do I measure 1/4 kilogram of cooked potatoes?
    3 decagrams of yeast is how much converted?

    Please hurry!!!

    Comment from/about : Conversion of white flour, butter with margarine, potatoes and yeast. | Permalink

  27. […] was in grams {heavy sigh} which involved a bit of converting, but keep your laptop handy, as this site can work out the conversions for you. Hooray!   Leave a […]

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  28. This is probably a really silly question, but when writing a recipe, how do I know how much of an ingredient to use? I have all these ideas and not sure how to create them.

    added by admin: Hi thanks for the note. ” ~ How much of each ingredient to put in? ” Do you mean in multiplying or dividing portions in a quantity of the whole bulk or individually or something else you would like to do?

    Comment from/about : D.E. Miller | Permalink

  29. I have a favorite reciepe from home that I would like to standardize this reciepe for restaurant service. I could use some help on doing this please.
    Thank you for your time, it is appreciated.

    added by admin: Hi. Are you into changing the quantity ingredients volume and weight of your tried and tested recipes? Something like quantity structure for use in peak and off-peak hours of a day or for weekends vs. week days needs? So instead it performs in a restaurant in a similar way as it does in the mini quantity/size when cooking this same thing in home … ?

    Comment from/about : KParker | Permalink

  30. Perfect calculators for flour and butter cup grams and many more culinary products even dietary ingredients contents.

    Comment from/about : flour butter cup grams | Permalink

  31. […] in your kitchen convert multiple food cooking ingredients easily with CONVERT-TO.COM Culinary Cooking Converters and conversion tools […]

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  32. Very well done, suitable and practical for me culinary measures converters. Often I must convert many amounts from a known unit and into units ordinarily used in culinary creative work but elsewhere so the measures are precise for any culture in question.

    Comment from/about : Units converter for culinary measures. | Permalink

  33. Would it be possible to add cooking oil volume from weight and vise verse conversion? For example from pounds to quarts or more measuring units for extra accuracy whose could be used for setting an oil amounts. All the best!

    Comment from/about : Adding cooking oils online conversion tools? | Permalink

  34. Happy to see that you started to add conversion of fats and other main nutrients to energy units cal and kcal in your food converters. It is important a lot to know this for dietary reasons.

    Comment from/about : Converter fat to energy units. | Permalink

  35. […] Conversion of ingredient measures from culinary cooking recipes Culinary recipe ingredient converters. Online tools for converting of any ingredient measure from cooking baking … […]

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  36. Cooking calculator – these are truly the best online cooking conversions and calculations. For example I have been using them a lot as in convert cup an ingredient to lbs calculator.

    Comment from/about : Best calculators for cooking. | Permalink

  37. Well done conversion of recipe ingredients units. I use them mostly for flour, oils, sweeteners like syrups but also sugars, ghee and of course rice. Thank you for making it easier for us!

    Comment from/about : Conversion of recipe ingredients units. | Permalink

  38. Thank you for adding the cocoa powder calculator to your culinary converters. I’ll be adding cocoa into a cake dough in the afternoon but first I needed to work out, that’s without my broken down scales, what is the weight of 1 cup of cocoa powder.

    Comment from/about : What is the weight of 1 cup of cocoa powder? | Permalink

  39. Well working culinary converters for culinary cooking. These are a real culinary gold!

    Comment from/about : Culinary converters for culinary measures. | Permalink

  40. Thank you for your site! It was very helpful for adjusting a recipe I love to use. In a form of adjusting recipe ingredients by amounts conversion. It’s important to make those exactly. Best wishes.

    Brandia, Tuceon, AZ

    Comment from/about : Adjusting recipe ingredients by amounts conversion. | Permalink

  41. Wonderful culinary tools for converting and measuring ingredients. I am often in need to make conversions between Metric and U.U. values either straight or elsewhere between weight versus volume measuring. Mike

    Comment from/about : Culinary Converters excellent tools for cooking | Permalink

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  43. I would just like to query something. I have a recipe which has gram and ounce measurements and I used this website to convert to ml. When converting 125g of butter I get 130ml, when I convert 4oz of butter, I get 118ml, with the flour 125g flour is 296ml, 4oz is 268ml, 125g caster sugar is 131ml and 4oz is 119ml. Then on many websites there stands 1 cup is 125gr – is this a US cup or metric cup? Lara

    added by admin: Dear Lara,
    Thank you for the note. If you would like, type the recipe for me and I will convert it for you precisely into any unit measures, whether it’s volume measuring or weighing, it doesn’t mater and it won’t take too much time to do that.

    I ‘m commenting in detail;

    Each ingredients has unique weight/mass. For example a cup measure or 150 ml volume measure of a flour will be much lighter in weight than for instance a butter or oil or salt. It’s best to convert straight from a unit measure, of medium the recipe states and calls for, into a unit you need or which you prefer the best to work with. Because for instance, the accurate conversion of 125g into ounces equals 4.4 oz and not 4 oz (exact would be 4.409 ounce). The exact 4oz basically equals only 113 grams and not 125g. Look it up in these converters in decimal numbers. SO the 4 oz is one could say hugely rounded in an ingredient weight sense but mathematically it is correct as per rounding.

    1 Metric (SI) measuring cup = 250 ml (milliliters) = 250 ml
    1 US measuring cup = 236.6 ml millilitres = 237 ml rounded
    Weight of 125 grams = 4.40924524 ounces = 4 oz rounded (but in kitchens real world it’s almost 4.5 oz! so if it was a dry ingredient like flour or sugar you would get less moisture or sweetness in the finished product. Or less buttery taste when 0.5 oz less butter goes in.)
    Weight of 4 ounces = 113.398093 grams = 113 g rounded

    Warm regards,

    Comment from/about : Lara | Permalink

  44. […] Conversion of gourmet measures from culinary cooking recipes. Also cooking calculators with online cooking measuring ideas. Culinary and gourmet ingredient converters. Online tools for converting of any value […]

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  45. Practical advice for how many grams are in spoons, tablespoons and teaspoons measures.

    Comment from/about : How many grams are in a tablespoon and teaspoon kitchen measures? | Permalink

  46. This site does offer much better conversions between weight and volume e.g. spoons versus grams from volume to weight measures exchange.

    Comment from/about : What is weight spoon grams. | Permalink

  47. Needed conversion ml in a gram of powder. Used first flour as for powder sort then realized there is the cocoa powder ml to grams which is exactly what I was after. Can you add also dry milk powder either low fat skim powder milk or full fat powdered milk solids? Each powder has different density and weight, various mass per certain given volume measure. Good on you and thanks!

    Comment from/about : How many ml in a gram of powders? | Permalink

  48. […] Conversion tools for ingredients and measuring unit values implemented in various culinary cooking ways […]

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  49. […] Conversion for culinary cooking ingredients, and various other calculators – online cooking converters and calculating volume versus weight for instance. Culinary things converters and web tools … […]

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  50. Can you make converters to be able to convert some spices for baking such as cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla extract, baking soda, milk (liquids), cream cheese, granulated sugar, etc.?

    Comment from/about : Brecinta | Permalink

  51. […] you might put into bread and there is a handy, cross-unit converter for lots of types of foods at . Keep in mind the goal is to achieve the same volume measure, not the same weight. Rice FlourRice flour, both brown, […]

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  52. 1. Could you please create one wine calculator, example to convert from cups or ml into weight in grams or ounces net wt? Thanks!

    Comment from/about : Chris | Permalink

  53. […] Conversion of items and culinary measures for kitchens. Cooking calculators >> online cooking conversions for varieties of items and the comparison calculations. Culinary ingredients converters. Online tools for exchanging of most ingredient measures << […]

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  54. Now I do understand that many of you cannot simply run right out and buy a scale. I understand it. In the meantime then, you can become best friends with GOOGLE the way I did when I converted everything the other way last year! You can GOOGLE the conversions such as “How many cups is in 1 pound of flour?” and with it convert your ingredients to values preferred. Or check out for already converted ingredients, Conversions Cooking Baking Lists.

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  55. I know it is difficult to accept CHANGE. Trust me, I KNOW. I am a Taurus! But believe me when I say, if you can just invest less than $20 on a digital scale, your recipes will start to transform! Now look, I do understand that some of you cannot simply spend the money right now. I GET IT! So in the meantime you will have to do some extra work in converting your recipes. Check out this great website for help there INGREDIENT CONVERSIONS.

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  56. Hi Convert

    Would it be possible to add the conversion of cream of tartar please? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Preferably from grams to ml. Thank you for the table. It helps me soooo much. :)

    Comment from/about : Liesl | Permalink

  57. Dear Liesl,
    Thank you for your note about the cream of tartar.

    Good idea, to convert amounts of cream of tartar, this one could be practical too. As suggested I will make the calculator today and then will add here below the link to its page. I am just about to leave out to buy the cream of tartar product so I can take its measurements for that units’ measures converter.

    The Cream of Tartar measures calculator is in place now.

    With compliments.


    Comment from/about : Rado | Permalink

  58. I intend to purchase a book on how to make various conversions of cooking ingredients. I need to learn about volumes amounts exchange with weight measures etc. and usage of different measuring units.

    Comment from/about : neskisha cooks | Permalink

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