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Conversion of ingredients measures from culinary cooking recipes

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Convert any arrowroot measure between volume and weight unit amounts. Enter arrowroot converter.

Baking powder

Convert a baking powder measuring units in weight sense or volume to equivalent units of measure. Enter baking powder amounts converter.

Buckwheat groats

Buckwheat groats/grains amount measures between: cups ( US and Metric cup of dried buckwheat), grams ( g ), decagram ( dkg – deka – deca ), kilograms ( kg ), ounces ( oz ), pounds ( lb ), fluid ounces ( floz ), tablespoons ( tbl.sp ) and teaspoons ( tea.sp ), enter buckwheat amounts.

Butter & margarine

Convert a butter or margarine amount measure used in culinary between: cups ( US and Metric cups of butter ), sticks (full, half or double butter-stick), grams ( g ), kilograms ( kg ), ounces ( oz ), pounds ( lb ), tablespoons ( tbl.sp ), teaspoons ( tea.sp ) and dekagrams ( dkg – deka – deca ), enter butter (or margarine) amounts converter.

Carob powder – carob flour

Convert carob powder ( carob flour is the same as carob powder only with different name for the same thing ) nutritional facts values and measuring units between volume amounts and weight scales. Enter carob powder measures and nutritional data conversions.

Caviar black and red

Convert red and black caviar color measuring units. The caviar page includes table with extensive caviar nutrition values. Enter caviar measures with all nutrition values.

Chia seeds – black and/or white color chia seed

Convert a chia seeds amount measure and nutritional values of white and black colour chia seed. Enter chia nutritional amounts converter.

Chocolates & Carob

Various chocolates, cocoa (cacao) and carob main page. Health and life style; chocolates and carob nutritional information and measuring units conversions. Enter carob and chocolates.

Go directly to pages: carob chips | carob chocolate | carob flour | carob powder | cocoa butter | cocoa powder | dark chocolate 45-59% cocoa | dark chocolate 60-69% cocoa | dark chocolate 70-85% cocoa | milk chocolate | white chocolate |

Cocoa butter

Convert a cocoa butter measuring unit between weight and volume amounts. Enter cocoa butter measures conversion.

Cocoa powder – dry unsweetened

Dry unsweetened cocoa powder amounts and measures conversion including dietary values. Cocoa powder and cacao powder are the same product. Enter cocoa powder amounts converter.

Cream of Tartar

For cooking with cream of tartar – here is the online web tool for Cream of Tartar mass weight vs liquid volume measures converter. Cream of Tartar dietary and nutritional information details. Enter the cream of tartar units converter.

Corn products

Convert measures of different corn product types for preparing corn based meals. Enter corn product converters archive.

Direct to corn product calculators | Corn bran | Cornflour maize – Cornstarch | Dry Corn grains kernels | Canned corn kernels – drained | Cornmeal | light corn syrup |


Convert couscous various measuring units. Couscous nutritional information. Enter couscous units and nutrients.


Various eggs; 5 different sizes of common chicken eggs, egg yolk, egg whites, duck eggs, dried eggs, goose eggs, the little quail eggs, whole turkey eggs and powdered eggs main page. Health and life style; eggs nutritional information including cholesterol values, protein and fats or vitamins, etc. details for eggs and eggs’ measuring units conversions. Enter egg types main page.

Directly to eggs pages: eggs (5 different sizes) | egg whites | egg yolk | dried eggs | duck eggs | goose eggs | powdered whole eggs | quail eggs | turkey eggs |

Flour types – weight vs. volume conversion

Convert measures of all flour types for baking recipes. Enter flour amounts converters main page.

Direct to flour products converters | all purpose flour | almond flour | arrowroot flour | bread flour | buckwheat flour | cake flour | carob flour | coconut flour | cornflour maize/cornstarch | flour type 00 | gluten flour | gluten free flour | hazelnut meal | plain flour | potato flour | rye flour | self raising flour | soy flour | spelt flour, white | spelt flour, wholemeal | rice flour | tapioca flour | wholemeal flour | whole wheat flour | walnuts meal |

Ghee – ghee butter

Convert ghee, ghee butter fat, culinary amounts between various unit measures used in kitchens. Ghee nutritional facts and dietary information. Enter ghee amounts and ghee nutrition facts conversion.

Goji berries dried

Convert any dry goji berry measuring units between volume and weight amounts. Organically, bio-dynamically grown dried goji berries were used for making this converter with nutritional information. Enter goji berry measures conversion.


Translation of honey (bee honey) amount measures between: cups ( US and Metric cup of honey ), grams ( g ), decagram ( dkg – deka – deca ), kilograms ( kg ), ounces ( oz ), pounds ( lb ), fluid ounces ( floz ), tablespoons ( tbl.sp ) and teaspoons ( tea.sp ), enter honey (bee honey) amounts translator.

Manuka honey

Active raw manuka honey weights vs. volume measures converter. Manuka honey, product from New Zealand’s clean forests – enter manuka honey conversion.

Mangosteen canned

Convert some canned mangosteen measuring units in weight vs. volume with included nutrients facts for mangosteen fruit. Enter mangosteen measures converter.

Milk various milk products

Convert varieties of milk and other dairy items. Milk weight vs. liquid amounts, nutritional values and dietary facts. Enter milk products main page.

Go directly to milk product pages: buttermilk lowfat | whole buttermilk | condensed milk sweetened | dry nonfat milk | dry whole milk | skim milk powder | full fat milk powder |

Nuts – edible nuts

Convert measures of various types of nuts between any volume versus weight measuring units. Enter list of edible nuts converters.

Go directly to a nut kind converter: | almonds | almonds blanched | almonds dry roasted, salted | almonds oil roasted, salted | almond flour | almond meal | brazil nuts | cashew nuts | cashews roasted, salted | coconut flour | shredded coconut | filberts | hazelnuts | hazelnut meal | macadamia nuts | peanuts | pecans | pecans chopped | walnuts | walnuts chopped | walnuts crushed | walnuts crumbled | walnuts ground meal |

Oil – edible cooking oils

Convert measures of cooking oil types. Enter oil amounts converters main page.

Direct to cooking oil products converters | avocado oil | canola oil | coconut oil | extra light olive oil | extra virgin olive oil (cold pressed) | grapeseed oil | macadamia oil | olive oil (pure) | peanut oil | rice bran oil | sesame oil | soy bean oil | sunflower oil | vegetable oil |

Poppy seeds

Calculate how many single individual poppy seeds are there inside of measures like g, kg, cups, spoons, oz, lb, gal, l, ml, and so on. Then convert measures of poppies between weight and volume amounts. Enter poppies measures conversion.

Rice & rice flour

Convert culinary measures of all rice types from a cooking recipe. Enter rice & rice flour converters main page.

Direct to rice product calculators | basmati rice | long grain rice | rice flour | short round grain rice |

Rolled oats

Convert a rolled oats amount measure between: cups ( dry and liquid US and Metric cups of rolled oats ), grams ( g ), dekagrams ( dkg ), kilograms ( kg ), ounces ( oz ), pounds ( lb ), tablespoons ( tblsp ), liquid ounces ( fl oz ) and teaspoons ( teasp ), enter a rolled oats amount converter.

Salts – weight vs. volume conversion

Convert measures of many salt types for cooking and baking recipes. Enter salt amounts converters main page.

Direct to salt products converters | | Australian lake salt | Celtic sea salt, coarse | Celtic sea salt, fine | Himalayan salt | Murray river salt | pink salt | sea salt, crystallized | sea salt, fine grind | table salt |


Convert a semolina amount measure between: cup ( US and Metric cup of semolina ), gram ( g ), dekagram ( dkg – deka – deca ), kilogram ( kg ), ounce ( oz ), pound ( lb ), tablespoon ( tbl.sp ), fluid ounce ( fl.oz ) and teaspoon ( tea.sp ), enter a semolina amount converter.

Shea butter

Convert any shea butter measuring units in weight versus volume amounts. Enter Shea butter conversion.

Sugar types – volume vs weight conversion

Convert measures of all sugar types for culinary cooking recipes. Enter sugar amounts converters main page.

Direct to culinary art sugar products converters | brown sugar | caster – castor sugar | icing sugar | maple sugar, granulated | maple sugar, solid blocks | raw sugar |

Syrups – sweeteners

Convert amounts of syrups and/or sweeteners. Enter main page with syrup and sweeteners measures converters.

Go directly to syrup products converters used in culinary arts | brown rice syrup | golden syrup | Honey | light corn syrup | malt extract | molasses | maple syrup | treacle syrup |


Convert any tapioca measure between volume and weighing unit amounts. Enter tapioca converter.

Tapioca pearl dried

Convert any dried tapioca pearl measuring units in volume versus weighing amounts. Enter dried tapioca pearl conversion.

Yeast – 3 yeast versions

Yeast measuring units converters and yeast nutritional information values calculators. Enter yeast products page for baking and cooking.
Yeast converters directly: dry instant yeast | baker’s yeast | active yeast (dry form) | yeast equivalents and substitutions between different yeast types are coming.

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  2. 1. Could you please create one wine calculator, example to convert from cups or ml into weight in grams or ounces net wt? Thanks!

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  4. Now I do understand that many of you cannot simply run right out and buy a scale. I understand it. In the meantime then, you can become best friends with GOOGLE the way I did when I converted everything the other way last year! You can GOOGLE the conversions such as “How many cups is in 1 pound of flour?” and with it convert your ingredients to values preferred. Or check out for already converted ingredients, Conversions Cooking Baking Lists.

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  5. I know it is difficult to accept CHANGE. Trust me, I KNOW. I am a Taurus! But believe me when I say, if you can just invest less than $20 on a digital scale, your recipes will start to transform! Now look, I do understand that some of you cannot simply spend the money right now. I GET IT! So in the meantime you will have to do some extra work in converting your recipes. Check out this great website for help there INGREDIENT CONVERSIONS.

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  6. Hi Convert

    Would it be possible to add the conversion of cream of tartar please? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Preferably from grams to ml. Thank you for the table. It helps me soooo much. 🙂

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  7. Dear Liesl,
    Thank you for your note about the cream of tartar.

    Good idea, to convert amounts of cream of tartar, this one could be practical too. As suggested I will make the calculator today and then will add here below the link to its page. I am just about to leave out to buy the cream of tartar product so I can take its measurements for that units’ measures converter.

    The Cream of Tartar measures calculator is in place now.

    With compliments.


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  8. I intend to purchase a book on how to make various conversions of cooking ingredients. I need to learn about volumes amounts exchange with weight measures etc. and usage of different measuring units.

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  9. How about a link that converts coffee beans to ground coffee? As in, “How much coffee beans do I need to put in my grinder to get N cups of ground coffee?” I know, I know: Google it 😉 But it would be a fun link to see here!

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  10. Margo, interesting and practical idea thank you. I will create such beans to cups of ground. Just need to buy the beans first.

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