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Gmail’s storage-space size growth prediction

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Prediction results for Gmail email account (data) storage size increase :

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GMAIL is perfectly practical and also funky!

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Google or Gmail Team can change the speed rate of their calculator.

At the moment the increasing growth of the email accounts storage size is at 10.684 Megabytes per month; that is 2.459 MB’s/Week, 0.351 MB’s/Day or 128.211 MB/Year! However (please note), Google often adds an extra volume in bulk which has already happened on numerous occasions, or, may adjust the already existing storage capacity in any way. My calculator is precise, BUT, more or less it is based on the current volume encrease average that can be seen from the speed of the calculator running on the Gmail’s home page. I look at this value rate from time to time and, if any major changes occur, I update the variable factors in my javascript file.

With my Gmail data storage-space growth prediction tool you can briefly calculate the capacity increase. Or, in other words, how much of the free storage space Google adds, if any, for public into their Gmail email accounts.

On a daily bases, right from the dawn of the Google’s Gmail email service, ( the birth of Gmail = email accounts from Google ), extra storage space is continuously being added into all individual email accounts. This means that the free storage capacity, for each private inbox for instance, is consistently counting upwards and increasing. However that specific growing volume might change into different rates in time with new technologies Google uses or when they decide to bring new changes. At the moment the Gmail counter calculator is tuned up precisely and it’s based on 15 months of data collection, BUT, the factors will most probably have to be adjusted for example if the number on the counter changes in either way.

A bit about the history of Gmail from my perspective.

Some years ago, when I opened my first gmail email account, when it was first introduced and available for free but only on invitation from someone already owning the account (boy how much I was into owning my own gmail account) and so, one of those days I purchased my invite on eBay and I stopped using my previous web mail (here we can see another example of us, the people, having tendencies to turn into money for anyting on this planet!). Those days, the data storage capacity every gmail-account-holder had in disposition was around 1000 megabytes. Compare that with only 2 MB hotmail offered at that same time! This WAS 1 complete huge gigabyte we’re talking here. Today this storage space is at 7293 MB’s and increasing, getting close to big 8 Gigs, whilst I am still using only a small percentage fraction of the whole lot even though I receive many large files in my inbox constantly. The message at the bottom of my account page says: “You are currently using 27 MB (0%) of your 7295 MB.” I see that as <1% - less then 1 percent of today's current ~7.36 Gigabytes. What I like about Google is that they are very consistent in what they are doing. The features other than the large free storage space that Gmail offers are absolutely great. A few of which like the spelling check, the spam filter, the private account google-like-search that i use regularly for finding those very old emails sent to me ( because there isn't a need to delete none of your old emails! ), I truly could not be without anymore in this fast life we live in ... and many more you can find in your account's settings page ( read more in the gmail info and help page. )

I bet that Google boys and girls think that SPACE IS UNLIMITED. For sure it is, all information, books and movies can be stored – saved – backed up there as well as absolutely everything else in digital form. You can see on the latest image that I started to use Chrome browser as per default on my PC ( waiting for the mac version ) and as soon as the Google Chrome OS free open source Operating System is available for public in only a few months from now, I am installing it right from the start [EDIT: Chrome OS is already here! In fact, now I cannot wait to put my hands on my first laptop running on Chrome OS]. I would be delighted if Google were the business starting as the first with video-take ( borrowing movies as we know it but between continents in a video-download form … do it from home type of a program instead and, no driving anywhere for this reason ), it could be called perhaps ‘youvideo’. In regards to your gmail account; it’s worthy for the future so choose a perfect password and don’t forget changing it regularily, here is Gmail email sign up page.

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  1. I am still adding into this page images and extra text, plus tuning js vars and adding 1 decade with gmail (hypothetically).

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  2. Hi, perfect calculator for gmail storage by time in future. Gmail actually still has available the same invitations as initially used to be sent to people for opening own email account with them. If anyone would like to receive one of the invites just email me at (and remove the REMOVE before sending). I prefer and enjoy Google for everything they do and I also cannot wait for the Chrome OS release to the public. As soon as Google does do that I am installing it on my new MacBook Pro … which I am using now to post this comment.

    Regarding my gmail; one of the things out of many from the settings area, why it is such an excellent email system, is that when I look for old emails that had been sent to my email account a very long time ago, the google like private search feature is priceless. It’s so easy and practical. With the size of the email’s file storage I must agree gmail is THE system for the future.

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  3. A bit about the history of gmail space counter can be found also on their blog. It’s interesting, from what I could see on a couple of occasions google did add a chunk of storage volume for gmail email accounts. I’ve been with them since the start, using other options by google on daily bases like mobile gmail, docs, maps, google-earth, youtube, google-groups, picasa for my photos, etc.

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  4. This is interesting page that you created here. I was just googleing web for a difference between the calculator and computer in gmail email sort of matter and I am opening one account right now. I think I like it already.

    Comment from/about : Gmail and computer calculator differences. | Permalink

  5. This is a great javascript for storage counter like gmail and a way to predict its gradual growth, in the time sense. JS code can be very practical everywhere by the look of it!

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  6. I redirect my emails to my iphone and send emails from the mobile device also, nothing coul dbe easier and simpler. Current nowadays computers have way more outstanding powers, in terms of processing, than computers built in the past. However the machines 10 years ago had about the same processing power as an iPhone offers far beyond already today; practical for sending photos from on the go.

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  7. […] using about 3% of my google’s gmail account’s capacity.  This ratio will possibly diminish further as the continual Gmail growth outpaces my accumulation of […]

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  8. Please post the times on this article. I have been using gmail for years, and was very excited to finally get an invite in a forum. I stopped using Gmail for about 2 years, frustrated getting too much spam. The spam has dwindled down significantly, and as they have more features, I now use Gmail as my primary, as well as secondary email accounts.

    I love Google docs. I purchased 200 Gigabytes of storage for $50/year. I save and scan any documents I have, and keep it saved on their secure cloud servers. As well as music/video/photo files, and anything else I have on my backup hard-drive, which will soon all be converted to Google docs.

    Although, regarding backup, I wish they had a “Google Drive” that would act more like a FTP site, or more like I am transferring data, since Google docs puts everything in the home, and the organization is not the greatest. The collections are only the first step to what could be much greater.

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  9. We need to increase our email account space to 30 GB it is needed on urgent basis. Ambika

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