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Pixels px to em conversion

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em to pixels – pixels to em Conversion Results :

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You can use this calculator to convert pixels ( px ) to em and vs for conversions from em to pixels px in coding web pages HTML or in CSS files – cascading style sheets. First 2 options from the top ( 1 – 2 ) are straight forward for px – em. The other two ( 3 – 4 ) are to convert from em to px or the other way around from px to em if body element of the page has font size set to 62.5% – for example body { font-size: 62.5%; } in the css file or in the html code.

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  1. Perfect, just what I was looking for! I’ve changed all old css elements I had in pixels replacing the px value with em with the help of your em to pixels – pixels to em calculator. This conversion made my site’s css file sheet to 100% w3c validate.

    Comment from/about : Peter | Permalink

  2. Thanks for the em to pixels converter it has been used a lot.

    Comment from/about : Mike | Permalink

  3. I searched Google for convert pixels to em numbers and here we go I found this perfect converter. I changed all px in my css into em #’s. Images in html have dimensions pixles but I guess that .jpg .png or .gif files are in the px resolution format always.

    Comment from/about : website css | Permalink

  4. The em converter it’s very handy. I too decided to change all pixels to em and to redesign my css files and other attributes in templates creating html pages. I found about your em to px converter in Suresh Kumar’s website-blog.

    Comment from/about : calculating em’s from px values | Permalink

  5. Thank you for the convert em to pixels page. I am a web designer and I use this convert_em_to_pixels tool for css files whose I create or the css docs I just edit and work with.

    Comment from/about : convert em to pixels | Permalink

  6. 62,5% em px in css as body element size for text improvement/addition works great for me now now, in all browsers it’s the same. Before I could see several differences in mainly text on pages.

    Bodyelement 10px at 62,5%/em = 100px ;
    And 10em at 62,5%/px = 0.63em – 63/100em ; ie. is the base calculation I worked from and all works for 100%.

    Comment from/about : 62,5% em px | Permalink

  7. I could easily convert a px css file to em css file with your excellent web tool. I changed majority of values in px to em in my stiles sheet and it works perfectly in all browsers now. I linked to your online converter page for others.

    Comment from/about : How to convert a px css to em css? | Permalink

  8. Nice tool, though it might have added value if you explain a bit about pixel-to-em conversion and what calculation factor you use. I.e., on Mac, the PPI is 76 and on modern Windows, it is 96. Older Windows has 72 by default. Obviously, local user settings can override this.

    In addition: why the preset of 62.5%? Would be nice to add a percentage ourselves!

    Comment from/about : Abel Braaksma | Permalink

  9. Thankyou
    I’m new to web design and am greatful for such an amazing tool.
    Regards Chrissy

    Comment from/about : Chrissy | Permalink

  10. I couldn’t figure out my sidebar width from 250 pixels to em number. I had to add 1px to the exact width of my vertical sidebar, because of 1px thin border on 2 sides. Only height was correct, I have “high: 100%;” coded in css file. 248 px for the sidebar plus 2 times 1px design borders added to width. This px to em converter calculated for it to work exactly. 250 px ( Pixels ), Equals = 15.6 em

    Comment from/about : 250px to em for sidebar. | Permalink

  11. Read more here, if you work on css cascading style sheet develppment, website has a great pixels to em and em to pixels precise web conversion tool(s)

    Trackback from/about : Homepage css | Permalink

  12. Conversión a em

    Comment from/about : Cristobal | Permalink

  13. Nice and Helpful Internet tool Rado ! However, it would have been great if you could also explain the manual formula for the px em conversion.

    Comment from/about : Tiji | Permalink

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