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How many homes Santa visits per one second

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How quick does Santa have to be on Christmas Day – fast Results :

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Can Santa Claus visit this many houses in one second, minute or hour all of that on one Christmas day?

Many people believe that without his secret magic, Santa Claus wouldn’t be able to deliver all of the Christmas presents for every person on the planet in one single Christmas day. Currently our population is estimated to be at 6.7 Billion. That is at the end of year 2008 we know that 6 700 000 000 bil people live on and share together our planet Earth. In the year 1 there were only 1 million of humans (1 million not billion) alive on this globe ( or another fact scientists tell is that right now there are more people on the Earth alive than those that ever or so far died.)

So how does Santa with his helpers manage to bring all the Christmas gifts to everybody? Can he do it within the one day, how does he do it? This calculator pops out the numbers; how many places Santa visits per one second, 1 minute or hour during the one Christmas day span. From a quick assumption we can estimate a number for an average sized family on the planet could consist of 4 members, then it’s easy to calculate how many houses with decorated Christmas trees there are which Santa will visit. I base the calculator on: 6.7 bil of people – divided by the guessed average of 4 people per family – equals to 1675000000 homes (households, families, dwellings where a group of people share their food and roof) on the planet.

6 700 000 000 : 4 = 1 675 000 000

You can of course experiment with another family-size average and, then note other number results for how fast Santa Clause has to be to bring all those Christmas presents to each family on time. Within his time limit. How many homes must he visit within one second, in 1 minute or one hour.

So, can Santa Claus visit this many houses in one second … ?

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  1. I’ve linked to your site, finding the question you pose here quite interesting. However, I don’t have an answer…my failure at Calculus was legendary.

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  2. In the time limit of every 1 minute/s on the Christmas day, Santa Claus has to visit 1 163 194.44 homes with Christmas trees ( one million and one hundred and sixty three thousand and one hundred ninety four .point forty four houses if, on average families on the globe were of 4 people ) to deliver all presents for the whole Earth.
    The Calculated Result in Fraction : Santa has to travel to 1 163 194 11/25 residences (if size of families consisted of 4 people large) to deliver all the christmas gifts to everyone in the right time, na vianoce.

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  3. This is perfect for making the calculations to find out how many houses does Santa visit to visit each home for Christmas. Thank you, it’s the perfect calculator.

    Comment from/about : how many houses does santa visit | Permalink

  4. Wow, Santa Clause is very fast! Practical information about him. I calculated santa’s speed for when he works how many visits in second he makes to peoples houses. Santa Claus is very fast because that many deliveries of christmas presents he has to make and deliver is quick job.

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  5. Brilliant Santas speed calculator, thank you! Santa’s speed on Christmas Night each year is extraordinary. He visits 19387 houses in 1 second, and that is exactly 69791667 houses in 1 hour on the day of Christmas. Santa is The fastest man and hardest working man.

    In the time limit of every : 1 second(s) on Christmas day,
    Santa has to visit : 19 386.57 homes (if families of 4) to deliver all presents.
    The Result in Fraction : 19 386 14/25 homes (if families of 4) to deliver all presents.

    In the time limit of every : 1 hour(s) on the Christmas day,
    Santa has to visit : 69 791 666.67 homes (when families of 4 global average) to deliver all presents.
    The Result in Fraction : 69 791 666 67/100 homes (when average families of 4 globaly) to deliver all presents.

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  6. Speed of Santa in his work is spectacular. Go Santa Go! And the helpers, fast and even faster Santa Clause!

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  7. Santa Claus is fake, like God silly.

    Comment from/about : Truth | Permalink

  8. Don’t forget that Santa also stops and takes time to enjoy milk and cookies made for him by various families. In my story, I have Santa multilocating. Thus, he can be in various locations at one time. Besides, he’s St. Nick ( Christian fantasy concept) and like God, can multilocate.

    Comment from/about : Wes | Permalink

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  10. Hey, I’m sending this from my Nintendo DSI so the grammar might not be so good. I thought that the Santa’s speed per second or per minute or per day/hour was pretty cool. Isn’t Santa Claus really quick! I hope you post more of this cool stuff on different random websites! Later, Olivia.

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    Comment from/about : connor | Permalink

  12. If you take out the number of people who do not celebrate Christmas, remember that in many houses Santa only leaves gifts for children, use an average of 2.5 children per household and account for the approximately 8 hrs per night Santa usually delivers to one house while realizing there is a 24 hr gap between the 2 farthest time zones (that’s 32 hrs of gift delivery), Santa can visit about 18M houses per hour, 310K houses per min and 5170 houses per second.

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  13. All numbers are mathematically correct correct, when suffixed “i” to denote they are IMAGINARY. 8

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  14. Someone Do The Math, Santa, Specifically How Many Kids Does He Visit on Christmas?

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