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Yeast products volume vs. weight amount conversion

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Active yeast (in dry form)

Convert between any active yeast measuring units that are used in baking with this yeast converter including nutritional information calculator. Enter active yeast measures conversion.

Baker’s yeast (fresh compressed yeast)

Compressed fresh bakers’ yeast converter with nutritional information calculator. Measuring units include US 0.6 ounce cake and US 2 ounce cake of baker’s yeast, cube (European yeast measure, 42 grams per each cube) plus all other usual or practical weight, mass and volume units and measures. Enter baker’s yeast measures converter.

Instant yeast (dry yeast)

Convert between any instant yeast, instant yeast in dry form, measuring units that are used in baking with this multi-units yeast converter and nutritional information calculator. Enter dry instant yeast amounts converter.

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  1. Thank you for these perfect calculators for how to convert measures of yeast. Both of them are very practical indeed. if I may, another useful idea or ideas would be to be able to calculate measures for how much artificial and live yeasts is to add in 1 kg wheat flour to make breads, in all types of baking baking how much yeast is needed for making dough from 9 ounces or pounds of flour, for example, how much live yeast to make 10 kilo of bread etc. I believe you know where I am coming from. In each calculator people could input their measurement for flour to calculate the weight or volume of yeast, either fresh live yeast and instant dry yeast, for mixing a particular dough quantity.

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  2. Lovely to find out so easily what is the weight of cube of baking yeast in oz, or even grams or dekagrams.

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  3. Thank you for the conversion site. Do you have a converter from fresh yeast to active dry yeast? I am trying to find out how much active yeast will replace 1 1/8 oz. I used these tools for changing amounts of different yeast types from tsp to grams as well. Carlo

    added by admin: I will make the converter for yeast substitution then I think, but if you need it right away;
    How to substitute fresh yeast with active dry yeast:
    decrease the called for volume/weight in fresh yeast by 40% to 50% to get the active dry yeast amount from the initial fresh yeast measurement. In other words, basically if you divide the required fresh yeast amount simply by 2 (50%) you will get the appropriate active dry yeast substitute amount for fresh yeast.

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  4. […] Yeast volume versus weight measures converter with yeast nutritional information. Types of yeast mass or weight replaced for volume amounts tools inclusive of dietician’s details info for yeasts. Practical converters for yeasts variations […]

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