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This semolina online conversion tool instantly converts amounts of semolina between Metric and US unit measuring systems, and vise versa, the semolina calculator works with all the semolina amounts which the recipe calls for and you can convert from one unit to another. Use any of the following units: cup (US and Metric cups of semolina), gram g, dekagram dkg – deca – deka, kilogram kg, ounce oz, pound lb, tablespoon tblsp, fluid ounce fl oz and teaspoon teasp of semolina.

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  1. I decided to cook a semolina porridge for breakfast for the first time and I found this semolina measures converter from 2 1/2 cup to grams very useful.

    Amount : 2 1/2 cup of semolina ( us cups ),
    equals : 417.50 grams ( g ),
    fraction : 417 1/2 gram ( g ).

    1 cup of semolina = 167 g ( grams )

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  2. My search was semolina conversion dkg – gr also for cooking semolina porridge but for early dinner actually. We are sport oriented people who love semolina based meals.

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  3. How many fl oz in 3 tbl of semolina as in dry measure into liquid units. My new, a bake mixed eggs recipe, is calling for adding three tablespoons of soaked semolina in milk, with a pinch of salt and 1/4 cup of full cream milk, and then the mixture is baked in a pie pot. This is for 3 eggs. Recipe with 4 eggs add 1 tablespoon of semolina to make it 4 tblsp a a bit of extra milk for the mix has same consistence.

    Thanks for the:

    Amount : 3 tablespoons of semolina ( tbl.sp ),
    Equals : 1.50 fluid ounce ( fl oz ) in semolina volume,
    Fraction : 1 1/2 fluid ounce (fl oz).

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  4. I was translating semolina ingredient volume from a normal cup measure but into grams for making a semolina and oats based type of mid level sweets in various quantities. For work lunches or quick but healthy highly nutritious, low fat and sugar energy snacks.

    full 1 cup of semolina amount = 167 grams ( g )

    1.5 cup of semolina equals 250.50 grams ( g ) = 2 5 0 – 1/2 gram ( g )

    2.5 cups of semolina equals 417.50 grams ( g ) = 4 1 7 – 1/2 gram ( g )

    3.5 cups of semolina equals 584.50 grams ( g ) = 5 8 4 – 1/2 gram ( g )

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  5. Just how many cups of semolina are contained in one kilogram is what I was looking for translating one recipe. The convertor on this page has done it for me almost effortlessly, thank you!

    Semolina amount : 1 kilogram ( kg ),
    fills : 5.99 cups of semolina ( ~6 cups ) – US measure,
    result in fraction number : 5 99/100 cup of semolina – US.

    Semolina amount : 1 kilogram ( kg ),
    fills : 5.67 cup of semolina ( ~5.7 cups ) – Metric measure,
    result in fraction number : 5 67/100 cup of semolina – volume metric.

    Amount of semolina : 1 kilogram ( kg ),
    Equals : 35.27 ounce ( oz ) in semolina weight,
    Fraction : 35 27/100 ounces ( oz ).

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  6. How many cups of semolina volume are there contained in the 1 lb of semolina in the weight sense as it’s easier and quicker for me to measure like that every second or third morning.

    Semolina weight amount : 1 pound ( lb ),
    equals to the volume : 2.7 cup of semolina.
    Fraction : 2 7/10 cups of semolina – USA cup value.

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  7. I had semolina often as a child and was curious as to how it was made. Measuring correctly seems to be the least of one’s worries. Just add semolina to milk, put in microwave for a few minutes or simmer boil on the stove while steering so it doesn’t burn. That should be it, nice semolina porridge for anyone who enjoys semolina.

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