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Nuts measures converters and nutritional facts tables

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Almonds – natural

Convert between any Almond nuts measuring units, mass weight versus volume, including nutritional information calculator with table for almonds. Enter almonds amounts converter.

Almonds blanched

Convert blanched almonds measures between weight and volume units. Nutritional facts calculator with dietary info table of blanched almonds. Enter blanched almonds measures tool.

Almonds dry roasted, salted

Convert almonds, dry roasted, salted, measures of weight vs. volume units. Nutritional facts calculator with dietary information list table for these nuts. Enter dry roasted and salted almonds.

Almond flour

Convert measures of flour from almond nuts weight versus volume measuring units. Almond flour nutritional facts calculator with full dietary information table. Enter almond flour measures converter.

Almond meal

Convert measures of almond meal units in mass, weight versus volume units. Nutritional facts calculator for meal from almonds with dietary informative table. Enter almond meal converter.

Almonds oil roasted, salted

Convert between any measuring unit for almonds that were salted and roasted with oil, plus nutritional facts table for them. Enter oil roasted almonds converter.

Brazil nuts whole

Convert between any brazil nuts measuring units, mass weight vs. volume with included nutritional information facts table of brazilnuts. Enter brazil nuts amounts converter.

Cashew nuts – raw, natural

Convert between any cashews measuring unit in weight versus volume plus nutritional facts table. Enter cashews amounts converter.

Cashew nuts roasted and sea salted

Convert measures of roasted and sea salted cashew nuts units in mass, weight versus volume units. Nutritional facts calculator with dietary info table for cashew nuts that are roasted and salted. Enter roasted salted cashews converter.

Coconut shredded

Conversion for shredded coconuts amounts with nutritional facts table. Enter shredded coconut amounts converter.

Coconut flour

Coconut flour measuring units converter and nutritional facts list. Enter coconut flour units.

Filbert nuts – raw

Convert all filbert nuts measuring units between mass, weight versus volume, inclusive of nutritional facts information calculator or table. Enter filberts amounts conversion.

Hazelnuts – natural, raw

Convert from a hazel nuts measuring unit either mass weight or volume into another unit amount. Nutritional information facts calculator with hazelnuts dietary info table. Enter hazelnuts converter.

Hazelnut meal

Convert a measuring unit from meal of hazel nuts between volume and mass weight into another unit and its amount. Nutritional information facts of hazelnut meal and this meal’s dietary information table. Enter hazelnut meal converter.

macadamia nuts raw, natural

Convert between any macadamia nuts, raw natural halves or whole nuts, all measuring units between weight versus volume, one single macadamia measures, with table list for nutritional facts inforamation. Enter macadamia nuts converter.

Peanuts raw

Convert matural raw peanuts measures from vs. to of weight and volume units. Nutritional facts calculator with dietary info table for peanuts. Enter raw peanuts measures.


Convert between any pecans measuring unit in weight versus volume plus nutritional table listing pecan nuts nutrients facts. Enter pecans amounts converter.

Pecans chopped

Convert chopped pecans measuring units and nutritional facts list table. Enter chopped pecans amounts converter.

Walnuts raw natural

Convert measures of walnuts units in mass, weight versus volume units. Nutritional facts calculator with dietary info table. Enter walnuts measures converter.

Nowadays we can buy walnuts in a variety of sizes ranging from full or halved walnuts (large pieces), chopped walnut pieces, crushed walnuts, crumbled walnuts and ground walnuts meal. Here are their converters:

Walnuts chopped

Convert measures of copped walnuts weight versus volume units. Nutritional facts calculator with dietary info table. Enter chopped walnuts measures converter.

Walnuts crumbled

Convert crumbled walnuts weight vs. volume units. Crumbled walnuts nutrition facts calculator and dietary info table. Enter crumbled walnuts converter.

Walnuts crushed

Convert crushed walnuts measuring units. Nutritional facts calculator for crushed walnuts with dietary info table. Enter crushed walnuts measures.

Walnuts meal – ground walnuts

Convert measures of ground walnuts meal between volume and weight units. Nutritional facts calculator with dietary info table for ground walnuts meal. Enter ground walnuts meal converter.

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  1. All of these nuts measures conversion tools are brilliant. What made you thing of making them? Nuts are such an important food in all humans diet (obviously not to those who are allergic to nuts). Edible nuts provide us with high quality nutrients, like good protein, vitamins and facts, oils. Only a small amount of nuts is required to eat on a daily bases, and still nuts are such a huge part in the food chain on the whole planet. We can see nuts measures mentioned in large number of food recipes, anywhere we look, nuts. Petra

    Comment from/about : Nuts Measures | Permalink

  2. Practical nuts measuring units converters for different varieties of nuts and their nutrition information is a bonus. Very handy hints indeed.

    Comment from/about : Good for how many cups is 100g of different nuts. | Permalink

  3. I was wondering what is walnuts weight in crumbled, ground and chopped walnuts form weight per 1 cup. Could you please add these walnuts weights sorts as well? Ta, great stuff!

    Comment from/about : Walnuts weight conversion | Permalink

  4. I needed to know how much does a cup weigh, not only walnuts in fact but other of these nuts as well. I was heaving a trouble to measure nuts ingredients by volume. Measuring by weight goes much easier for me.

    Comment from/about : How much does a cup of walnuts weigh? | Permalink

  5. Thank you for these nuts weight into volume, or volume to weight for nuts converters. Consuming them is one of my daily protein plus good healthy oil intake. Kamila

    Comment from/about : Nuts weight to volume | Permalink

  6. May you be so nice and add a coconut flour converter into this list of flours. I need to convert what are coconut flour amounts from oz to cups of coconut flour.

    added by admin: Thanks for your suggestion. I’ve included it in now: shredded coconut plus the coconut flour converter you asked about.

    Comment from/about : What is conversion for coconut flour from oz to cup? | Permalink

  7. Excellent table listing all nutritional value of peanuts unsalted. I would also enjoy a new page to be able to convert a cup of dry roasted, or oil roasted, peanuts to grams result. Nutty Jim

    Comment from/about : Peanuts nutrition and grams in cups. | Permalink

  8. I just bought a one-pound package of raw almonds and a one-pound bag of almond meal from Trader Joe’s. The nutrition facts say that 1/4 cup of the almonds weigh 28g, and 1/4 cup of the almond meal weigh 30g. This means that one cup of almonds would weigh 112 g, and one cup of the meal would weigh 120g.

    Your calculator gives: Almonds (natural raw, 1 cup US Equals 143.00 g (gram) of almonds, and Ground almond meal 1 cup US Equals : 94.00 g (gram) of almond meal.

    The meal is heavier than the almonds because the whole nuts have a lot of empty space between them whereas the meal packs without air gaps.

    Antonio Zamora

    added by admin: Hello Antonio, Thank you for the note.
    Were you looking at oil roasted almonds? Many nutritional fact labels on product aren’t accurate, and many far from the accuracy. This is not only for nuts.

    Ground meals are always lighter in weight, yes it’s volume is larger but the mass and density are much lower then raw nuts have. Like with wood shavings or saw dust for that matter. This needs to be considered it’s common culinary way in measuring. The general practice is; when a full cup or some other volume of a meal is being measured (or any flours etc.) the meal isn’t packed in the cup in the process. The meal goes into the cup always lightly. It’s either sieved into the cup, or slowly put into it with a spoon (on rather gentle bases, see the professional video on this page that explains it fully how it is done in detail) and then the extra on top is scraped off along the rim of the cup with a straight surface like a knife. This technique gives the accurate cup measure, and it is commonly known way (the meal isn’t pressed or pushed into the measuring cup, nor the cup would be used/filled by scooping the almond meal out of a jar, that would produce inaccurate weight reading.) Then you can weigh on scales that amount … of almond meal for instance. Otherwise the actual whole nuts, like the almonds, are much denser/harder and therefore heavier even though there is a honey comb effect created between the actual individual nuts/as-whole-items. I don’t know why the labels say that, one of them at least is inaccurate then, or both?

    I like your scientific website! I just added into the whole almond converter also single almond kernel option, the one-almond-kernel tick box is right at the end/bottom of all the unit options (refresh the page first to reload the javascript calculator for it to start to take the addition effect.)

    1 cup, almonds ground = 95 grams
    1 cup, almonds sliced = 92 grams
    1 cup, almonds slivered = 108 grams
    1 cup, whole almonds = 143 grams
    1 oz of almonds, whole, natural = 28.35 g
    1 whole raw almond = 1.2 grams

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