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Torque – moment of force units conversion

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This online conversion tool makes instant conversions of moment of force at arm at an axis ( pivot or fulcrum ), torque units used e.g. for torque wrenches conversion chart, from Metric to US to ( UK ) Imperial systems, and vise versa deals with all measurement values and conversions for any of the following torque units: dyne centimeter ( dyn cm ), dyne decimeter ( dyn dm ), dyne meter ( dyn m ), dyne millimeter ( dyn mm ), gram force centimeter ( gf cm ), gram force decimeter ( gf dm ), gram force meter ( gf m ), gram force millimeter ( gf mm ) grams, kilogram force centimeter ( kgf cm ), kilogram force decimeter ( kgf dm ), kilogram force meter ( kgf m ), kilogram force millimeter ( kgf mm ), kilonewton meter ( kN m ), newton centimeter ( N cm ), newton decimeter ( N dm ), newton meter ( N m ), newton millimeter ( N mm ), ounce force foot ( ozf ft ), ounce force inch ( ozf in ), pound force foot ( lbf ft ), pound force inch ( lbf in ) units of torque.

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  1. I have been using your torque units converter on daily bases. It would be great if you could add also torque units kilogram force decimeter kgf-dm and kilogram force centimeter kgf-cm conversions to broaden the range.

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  2. Thanks for adding in the additional units of moment I mentioned above. The whole torque converter appears more sophisticated right now. Keep up the good work.

    Comment from/about : units of moment | Permalink

  3. Excellent tool if you plan to convert kgf cm into nm and the other way around for these torque units and more for my workshop torque wrenches.

    Torque unit: 1 kilogram force centimeter ( kgf-cm ),
    converts to: ~ 0.10 newton meter ( 0.0980665 N-m ).
    Fraction number: ~ 1/10 newton meter ( 49/500 N m ).

    Vise verse:

    Unit of moment of force: 1 newton meter ( N m ),
    is converted to: ~ 10.20 kilogram force centimeter ( 10.197 162 129 779 283 kgf cm ).
    Fraction : ~ 10 1/5 kilogram force centimeter ( 10 197/1000 kgf-cm ).

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  4. Thank you for this helpful tool for torque units numbers conversion it is very useful in real life business.

    Comment from/about : albert | Permalink

  5. I needed to convert N m to oz f in , newton meter to once inch force
    1 newton meter ( N-m ), Equals = 141.6 ounce force inch ( ozf-in ). Fraction = 141 3/5 ounce force inch ( ozf in ).

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  6. Very Accurate Torque Units Conversion Changer.

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