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Automotive converters. Liquids and solids

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Engine oil converters

15W-40 engine oil

Convert 15W – 40 viscosity motor oil amount measuring unit between weight versus volume units. This converter can be practical for automotive industries. Enter 15W – 40 viscosity motor oil units converter.

15W-60 engine oil

Conversion for motor oil with weight 15W-60 numbers. Convert units between weight and volume measures. Enter 15W-60 motor oil conversion tool.

Torque – moment of force

Convert any torque units or moments of force units used by automotive etc. industries worldwide, convert torque units with this converter.

Used, old motor oil originally 15W-60 engine oil type

Convert any measuring unit for old, used-dirty engine oil, its measures and different units. Enter old – used motor oil converter.

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  1. I am indeed happy to be able to convert 1 liter of engine oil to 1 gram precision and smaller.

    Comment from/about : Convert 1 liter of engine oil to 1 gm | Permalink

  2. Are you adding more varieties? Don’t want to be too picky but fuel like diesel, greases, brake fluids, power steering liquids, gears oils and other lubricats and densities of these mediums to top up. I was checking your conversion formulas and could see you’re extremely precise in maths… Not in need to put this stuff onto scales everyday but you never know at times they might prove to be useful and precisely just the tools for those needy. Thanks for the engine oil converters for weight (mass) against volume units.

    Comment from/about : An engine oil weight against volume measures. | Permalink

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