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Convert all-purpose flour APF in baking recipes. Tool for converting all purpose flour from any amount into other common units generally used in baking recipes for measuring all purpose flour portions. The all purpose flour conversion tools allows making translations between Metric and US unit measuring systems. The calculator deals with any all purpose flour amount or unit found in recipes with all purpose flour content. This all purpose flour online web converter utility works with the following weight scaling and volume measuring units and their output values: cooking cups ( Metric vs US cup of all purpose flour ), grams ( g ), dekagrams ( dkg – deca – deka ), kilograms ( kg – kilo ), ounces ( oz ), fluid ounces ( fl oz ) of all purpose flour, liters ( L ), milliliters ( ml ), pounds ( lb ), grains ( gr ), quarts US ( qt ) of all purpose flour, quarts dry US ( qt dry ), tablespoons ( tbl.sp ) and teaspoons ( tea.sp ) full of of all purpose flour amount. Instead of an info table list this all purpose flour converter also includes option for the all-purpose flour product nutritional values calculation, in a specific number, plus food dietary information of all purpose flour; calories or kilocalories ( Cal equals kcal in dietary and food science ) food intake energy kilojoules ( kJ ), and values in grams ( g ) plus ounces ( oz ) for total carbohydrates, sugars, protein, lipids – fat, saturated fats, dietary fiber portion and cholesterol values that all purpose flour contains.

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  1. I was after a page to convert 625 grams of all purpose flour from 1 recipe I found into ounces and this calculator has done the task pretty well for me! Equals to 22.05 ounce (oz). Thank you very much. Betty

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  2. I needed to convert dekagrams to cups for ap flour, 60 dkg to us cups.

    Amount : 60 dekagram ( dkg ) of all purpose flour,
    Equals : 4.80 cups US of AP flour,
    Fraction : 4 4/5 cup US of ap flour

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  3. Practical flour calculator for measuring dietary information, protein, carbs and kilojoules in a cup of all purpose flour.

    Amount : 1 cup US of all purpose flour
    Contains : 438.75 kilojoules ( kJ ) energy
    Fraction : 438 3/4 kilojoules ( kJ ) energy

    Amount : 1 cup US of all purpose flour
    Contains : 11.63 grams ( 0.41 oz ) of Protein
    Fraction : 11 63/100 g ( 41/100 oz ) of Protein

    Amount : 1 cup US of all purpose flour
    Contains : 94.50 grams ( 3.33 oz ) of Carbohydrates
    Fraction : 94 1/2 g ( 3 33/100 ) of Carbohydrates

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  4. How many cups of all purpose flour in a kilogram –

    1 kilogram ( kg ) of all purpose flour = 8.00 cups of all purpose flour ( usa cup measure ).

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  5. How to convert 650 grams of flour to fl oz ?

    650 gram (g) of all purpose flour amount,
    Equals to 41.60 fluid ounces ( 41.6 fl-oz) of all purpose flour. Fraction result after changing is 41 3/5 fluid ounce (fl-oz) for the all purpose flour in volume measuring.

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  6. 650 grams to us cups

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  7. How many us cup of all purpose flour in 10 deka grams?

    Amount of 10 dekagram (dkg) or 0.1 Kg of all purpose flour equals to 0.80 cup US of all-purpose flour or as some people call it APF when it comes to baking. Fraction for the cup reasulted measure is 4/5 cup US of allpurpose flour.

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  8. I came to convert grams to cups all purpose flour. AP Flour volume to weight and carbs in all purpose flour

    Amount in : 100 grams ( g ) of all purpose flour,
    Equals into : 75.6 g of Carbohydrates.
    Fraction : 75 3/5 g of Carbohydrates.

    Amount : 100 gram (g) of all purpose flour,
    Equals : 0.76 cup Metric of ap flour.
    Fraction : 19/25 cup Metric of apf.

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  9. How to convert 50,000 lbs of flour to cubic footage larger volume of flour.

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  10. 250 gram of all purpose flour to milliliter conversion.

    Amount : 250 gram (g) of all purpose flour
    Equals : 473.18 milliliters (ml) of all purpose flour
    Fraction : 473 9/50 milliliters (ml) of all purpose plain flour

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  11. Finally! A website that gave the answer for conversion of flour, by weight, to cups! So many showed measurement by volume which is completely different! The difference in my recipe would have been disastrous!

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  12. Can’t see how to run the flour conversion. I’ve entered all the info. Where’s the go button?

    added by admin: Roger, please refresh your page to reload javascript file (rarely but sometimes internet connection does cause this). It’s most probably the case why you don’t see results, then you can convert your flour measures. There is no need for pressing ‘Go’, results pop out without it in the gray color rectangle located above the flour units selection options. Just enter your specific amount in a number, then on the left below select ‘from’ flour unit and on the right ‘to’ flour unit.

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  13. Very useful flour g ml conversion tool.

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  14. Hi everyone,

    I just want to make sure that its actually possible to convert flour gram measurement to millilitre? I only have a liquid measuring cup at this moment and im stuck. So 1 cup flour is actually 473 ml on my liquid measuring cup?

    added by admin: Actually, this is for either dry or liquid measuring cup, in fact they have the same volume. Don’t pack up your cup measure, fill it lightly with spoon or by sieving the flour into the cup. If packed, you will end up with too much flour in the dough mix.

    Metric cup has always 250 milliliters (mL) in volume = 1/4 of one liter.
    USA measuring cup has 237 mL volume
    UK measuring cup has 284 milliliters volume = 9.6 fl. oz.

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  15. Please e-mail a simple listing on the 5 to 3 ratio of flour and water, liquids in making dough mixes. Thank you.

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  16. […] The strawberry pie or pies with chocolate lined shortbread crust by the patron saint of pies crusts, 6¾ – 7 oz oz all purpose flour (conversion chart) 3 oz icing sugar 1/4 tsp salt 5½ oz cold Earth Balance margarine 1/4 cup bittersweet chocolate 2 […]

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  17. Hi Rado — I’m curious why there’s such a large difference in the weight of 1 US cup of All-Purpose Flour–specifically, your site shows 125g versus 99.37g at in /convert/cooking/ section?
    I’m probably missing something. Thanks–Jim

    added by Rado:
    Hi Jim,
    Ah I checked it and I am not sure why it says that it’s 99 grams per cup of all purpose flour (unbleached or bleached, unenriched or enriched.) All purpose flour certainly is 125 grams per 1 US cup and this is not spooned cup (packed) but nicely aerated. Bakers in old
    books actually round it to 4.5 ounces which would be 127.6 grams.


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  18. Great all purpose flour conversion help for us in Europe! I love American recipes, but cannot stand not precise units like “2/3 cup, 1 stick butter, etc.”.
    Now it is so easy to convert!
    A suggestion: Can the font in Conversion Results box be stronger/larger more visible, please?
    Ivana in Croatia

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