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Icing sugar (powdered confectioner’s) Amounts Conversion Results :

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The icing sugar type conversion tool instantly converts amounts of icing powdered sugar between cups and grams g, pounds lb, ounces oz, kilograms kg and other measuring units, and vise versa, the calculator deals with any icing sugar amounts / units conversions for your measurements. This confectioner’s sugar converter is using the following weight and volume units: cup – Metric or US cups of icing sugar, gram g, dekagram dkg – deca – deka, kilogram kg, ounce oz, pound lb, tablespoon tblsp, fluid ounce fl oz, teaspoon teasp., grain gr and US quart qt of powdered icing sugar.

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  1. Good conversion cup pound “icing sugar” to be used for baking cakes etc.

    1 cup of icing sugar equals 0.28 pound ( lb ), fraction 7/25 pound ( lbs ).

    1.5 cups of icing sugar = 0.41 lb and fraction is 41/100 pounds of icing sugar.

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  2. I’m baking sweets and I was wondering about the way to do conversion of dkg’s of icing sugar is how many cups. I like the calculator heaps.

    Amount of icing sugar: 10 dekagrams ( dkg ),
    converted to cups equals: 0.80 cup of icing sugar,
    fraction is: 4/5 of a cup of icing sugar – Cup US.

    Icing sugar amount: 1 cup of icing sugar (cup US),
    translates into 12.50 dkg ( dekagrams ) of icing sugar exactly.
    Fraction conversion is: 12 1/2 dekagram ( dkg ).

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  3. 50 gram of fine white icing sugar to milliliter conversion.

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  4. Converted icing sugar from cup or ounces to grams.

    Amount : 1 icing sugar Cup
    Equals : 125.00 gram ( g )

    Amount : 1 icing sugar – Cup
    Equals : 4.4 ounces (oz)
    Fraction : 4 41/100 oz ( ounce )

    And more

    Amount : 2 icing sugar Cups
    Equals : 250.00 grams ( g )

    Amount : 2 icing sugar – Cups
    Equals : 8.82 ounces ( oz )
    Fraction : 8 41/50 oz ( ounce )

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  5. Wonderful calculator for confectioner’s powdered sugar from cup to grams or other amounts exchange.

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  6. I came over to convert 1 pound icing sugar to cups or fl-oz measures and all the conversions available for this sugar are so, how to say, a professional like.

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  7. I was after conversion from 2 lb of icing sugar to cups. From amount 2 lb pounds of icing sugar the measure translates to 7.3 cups of icing powdered sugar or 7 3/10 cup. And 3.6 pt ( pint US liquid ) of icing sugar, 3 3/5 pt even better. Lovely thank you it’s much easier to bake like this!

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  8. What is sugar icing weight from spoons to grams, how to? Amount of sugar icing: 2.5 tbsp (tablespoon) equals to = 19.5 grams in icing sugar. Fraction 19 1/2 g of sugar for icing. And I can bake. Scott

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  9. Hello,
    It’s a good and wonderful icing sugar tool to have, but unfortunately the output produced is too small and can be a hidden for someone with a visual problem.

    I suggest to you so that:
    1) You make a button for ‘calculate’ for example, so that people know where/when their enquiry is being processed.

    2) Make the output larger for better view.

    Thanks for the product.

    added by admin: Thank you very much for your suggestions, you are absolutely right in it! I will change all the conversion output displays to a much larger version ensuring a better view. Not only in this icing sugar but also for all other calculators. I’ll be redoing it when back at house home address as I am remote at work having only a small screen with me.

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  10. I converted 1 cup of icing sugar to oz Amount : 1 cup US of icing powdered sugar,
    Equals to = 4.4 oz (ounce) of icing sugar.
    Fraction : 4 2/5 oz (ounce) of icing sugar.

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  11. […] Icing or powdered sugar amounts conversion tool | An icing sugar weight versus volume conversion. The calculator translates automatically any or specific icing sugar type measure to some other equivalents which are perhaps more practical to use by an individual […]

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