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How to make gluten free flour? Here is my three flour types mix ratio for gluten-free flour to DIY.

How to produce your own gluten free flour? This gluten free flour amounts converter is based on the following mix of the 3 non-gluten flour types. You can produce your own GFF flour using these three other common flours. The mix is based on, or almost the same as, the flour free of gluten content which is sold in shops. It works well for me.

Now: I prefer raw soy flour as it gives the gluten free dough that specific flavor and color in final result. You can experiment with e.g. the debittered soy flour version, however not much of the interesting flavor will be achieved.

The potato flour and the rice flour in this mix are also ordinary. And of course the soy flour converter for who needs it.

1 part of soy flour
1/2 part of potato flour
1/2 part of rice flour

Multiply or divide the parts accordingly to a quantity amount suited.

Apart these 3 flour types in the mix; another ingredient is necessary to be added for the gluten replacement. Without the gluten type of bonding results the outcome of a baking wouldn’t be great. Gluten is like a glue, it’s sticky too. If the bonding substance wasn’t included in the dough the mass would crumble and fell apart. I use vegetable gum and only little goes in, each packet contains the directions. This gum can be purchased in shops, health stores, and such carrying ingredients for celiac’s meals. There are many suppliers who sell vegetable gum, or gel starch used for the similar activity, for people with celiac disease.

Convert gluten free flour culinary measurements. Tool for converting gluten free flour from any amount into other common units generally used in recipes for measuring gluten free flour portions. The gluten free flour conversion tools allows making translations between Metric and US unit measuring systems. The calculator deals with any flour free of gluten content, amount or unit found in recipes with gluten free flour content. This gluten free flour online web converter utility works with the following weight scaling and volume measuring units and their output values: cooking cups ( Metric vs US cup of gluten free flour ), grams ( g ), dekagrams ( dkg – deca – deka ), kilograms ( kg – kilo ), ounces ( oz ), fluid ounces ( fl oz ) of gluten free flour, liters ( L ), milliliters ( ml ), pounds ( lb ), grains ( gr ), quarts US ( qt ) of gluten free flour, quarts dry US ( qt dry ), tablespoons ( tbl.sp ) and teaspoons ( tea.sp ) full of of gluten free flour amount. Instead of an info table list this gluten free flour culinary amounts converter also includes option for the gluten free flour product nutritional values calculation, in a specific number, plus food dietary information of gluten free flour; calories or kilocalories ( Cal equals kcal in dietary and food science ) food intake energy kilojoules ( kJ ), and values in grams ( g ) plus ounces ( oz ) for total carbohydrates, sugars, protein, lipids – fat, saturated fats, dietary fiber portion and cholesterol values that gluten free flour contains.

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  1. Weight in g from volume of a cup measure, grams gluten free flour in 1 cup –

    Amount : 1 cup US of gluten free flour,
    Equals into : 122.00 grams ( g ) of flour free from gluten.

    Amount : 1 cup Metric of gluten free flour,
    Equals to : 128.92 gram ( ~ 129 g ) of gluten free flour.
    Fraction : 128 23/25 grams ( ~ 128 9/10 g ) of gluten free flour type.

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  2. Sensitive to non gluten free flours and my two amounts needs call for conversion:

    Amount : 100 grams ( g ) of gluten free flour
    Equals : 193.92 milliliters ( ml ) of gluten-free flour
    Fraction : 193 23/25 ml milliliter for glutenfree flour

    Amount : 150 gram ( g ) of gluten free flour
    Equals : 290.89 milliliters ( ml ) of gluten_free flour
    Fraction conversion result : 290 89/100 ml milliliter in gluten-free flour

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  3. I used this gluten free flour measure converter for grams to ounces and, also the preparation or making my own gluten free flour which worked out very well as is the taste as a flour without gluten should have.

    Amount of 100 grams ( g ) of gluten free flour equals 3.5 ounces (oz) of gluten free flour. In fraction number the result is 3 53/100 ounces oz of flour without gluten.

    Amount : 100 gram (g) of gluten free flour
    Equals : 17.85 g of Protein
    Fraction : 17 17/20 g of Protein

    Amount : 100 gram ( g ) of gluten free flour
    Equals : 0.63 oz of Protein
    Fraction : 63/100 oz ounces of Protein

    Amount : 100 gram (g) of flour containing no gluten
    Equals : 363.75 calories or kilo-calories (Cal – kcal) energy (in diet both are equal)
    Fraction : 363 3/4 calories or kilocalories ( kcal – Cal ) energy ( in diet both are equal ).

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  4. This is an amazing idea. But every flour has its own weight and if you are not using this recipe the converter wont work. You can find a chart of weights at this site about flour I would love to be able to plug my own weights into the converter to find what a cup of my mix weighs. Thank you!

    added by admin:
    Dear Miranda,
    Thanks for the nice note about the gluten free flour conversion! And for the link, it is truly a great site. I fully agree with you, measure of every flour mix for a specific recipe will vary in weight.

    If you have your own flour etc. weights and would like to have a new converter for quick finding out its weight per cup, plus reference to other culinary units or amounts, let me know the exact “per cup factor/s of each of them” and I can make the converters for you. Just let me know.
    If you’d like to share your recipes, I can add a text under -it will be practical as they are unique mixes.

    What I do with each unique product I buy; I have a precise balancing scale, it’s accurate to point of 1 gram (0.1g), I measure its weight first and write the weight per cup factor down for future reference. Sometimes I create calculator and publish it here for other people. At the moment I am working on a suite of converters for edible cooking oils while starting to include nutritional facts information as well so the tools become more useful for public.

    Warm regards,

    Comment from/about : miranda | Permalink

  5. Still if I wanted to use gluten in my flour, what would be gluten flour cup to grams translation, could you make calculator for this too? Thanks, this web site is very useful.

    Comment from/about : What’s gluten flour cup to grams … | Permalink

  6. Dear Miranda

    Thanks foe a great article. Do you perhaps have or can point me in the direction of creating nutritional facts panels for my gluten free dry mixes.


    ash bunsee

    Comment from/about : gluten free dry mixes | Permalink

  7. Hello Ash, what kind of gluten free mixes do you have? I always only bake with GF.

    For the nutritionist information, you have the complete nutrients tables (EXTENSIVE) and the units of specific nutrients (for all sorts of flour types).

    You can search for gluten free flours e.g. a rice flour there under flours category. This link is for white rice flour, but a nutritional information for dark and brown flours they have listed there as well nicely separately for each product.

    Without selection a category for search in all categories for word flour, type of lour needed and so on. Or other like yeast, salts …

    Comment from/about : Daniela | Permalink

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