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15W – 40 engine oil amounts converter

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15W-40 engine oil volume vs. weight amount converter

Fluid ounce vs. net weight ounce and gram measures for 15W-40 viscosity/weight engine oil

1 fl-oz of 15W-40 engine oil equals = 0.9 oz net wt. = 25.8 g

Gallon vs. pound and kilogram measures of 15W-40 engine oil

1 gal of 15W-40 engine oil equals = 7.3 lb = 3.3 kg

Liter vs. kilogram and pound measures for 15W-40 engine oil

1 L of 15W-40 engine oil equals = 0.87 kg = 1.92 lb

For calculations with any other specific units and measures of 15W-40 engine oil, for example between weight and volume units of US, Metric or UK customary systems, use the 15W-40 engine oil amounts converter above. For the 15W-40 engine oil converter on this page I used viscosity 15w – 40 Castrol GTX3 engine oil product we use in our Toyota Hilux Ute (“ute” is an abbreviation for “utility vehicle” which is another definition for pickup trucks here down under). This specific 15W-40 viscosity/weight is a modern motor oil suitable for, and extends life of, LPG and CNG car engines (“cng” – Compressed Natural Gas), range of passenger cars with petrol and diesel engines, light commercial vehicles and 4WD’s. This kind of oil has the second number lower than for instance 15W-60 engine oil-s.

This type of motor oil extends life in modern technology cars engines. It is a liquid engineering with an advanced motor parts wear protection and performance generally in nowadays cars. The oil provides additional engine performance reserve for a longer drain intervals with smaller sump sizes in new cars. I purchased this car motor oil from Supercheap Auto – car accessories, in a red color plastic 5.5L oil bottle type that has 1 L value offer.

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15W – 40 volume versus weight engine oil amounts converter

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  1. This is great Thank you heaps. I was wondering what is the exact weight of 205 liter drum of engine oil. Just the liquid content, meaning oil minus the metal drum so we know how much the load increases on a carrying tray.

    Comment from/about : What is weight of 205 liter drum of engine oil mass. | Permalink

  2. I was interested in content weight of 205 litre drum of motor oil in kilograms and pounds and basically what weight this oil amount has.

    1 bar ( 205 liter engine oil barrel-s ) of 15W-40 motor oil Equals = 54.16 gal ( gallons US ) 15W-40 motor oil, Fraction : 54 4/25 gal (gallon US) 15W-40 motor oil weight = 394.28 lb ( ~ 395 pounds ) or 178.84 kg ( ~ 180 kilograms ). Excellent help thanks.

    Comment from/about : What is the weight of 205 litre drum of oil? | Permalink

  3. What is a specific gravity of engine oil 15w40 between quart measure (liquid unit) and gram, kilogram weighing units.
    15w40 grams in a quart qt = 825.60 g
    Weight of 15w-40 engine oil in kg = 1.21 qt ( quart US liquid ) of 15W-40 motor oil.

    Comment from/about : A specific gravity of engine oil 15w40 | Permalink

  4. Brilliant! I was after info on what would be the weight in kilograms of a 15 liter large canister filled full with a new engine oil. It makes it just over the 13 kg mark for 15W 40 motor oil plus close to 3 to 4 kilos extra for total including the metal canister.

    Comment from/about : Mass weight of 15 liters of engine. | Permalink

  5. I managed to calculate what is the weight of a 55 gallon oil drum in pounds, inclusive of the drum weight, but for other matters inside in my drum/s and some of it can be dry stuff.

    Here is how to calculate the total weight, drum with a material etc. inside:

    The empty steel 55 gal drum for oil is approximately 44 pounds. But other estimates of weight for steel drums are 20 pounds for closing top drums types that are typically used for various liquids and 3 lbs more heavy, 22 to 24 pounds, for the open top drum types that are used with the locking ring to lock the lid on top. For some actual oil drum containers we use at work for oil storage the more real estimation could be between 33 lb to 35 lb, it depends on what type of drums, either closed style of drums or open drums.

    I found out that there are 7.48 gallons per cu-ft therefore it makes it approx. about 7.4 cubit feet vin olume per one 55 gallon drum. How about a three quarters full oil drum? Filled to only 3/4 full would be close to 5 and half cu-ft volume. The filling material/medium will vary by the type of a densite of each, that’s logical, easy to calculate weight in pound per square foot in the other marvelous converter, lbs/sq-ft, of of a fill in to a 3/4 filled up drum at 5-1/2 cu-ft (sq-ft), and plus adding the weight of the drum, adding it all together it is easy to calculate total weight in lbs (or kgs) of 55 gallon drum including with the actual drum weight.

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  6. […] I found this handy engine oil conversion chart on the internet. It should be pretty darn close. Click here: 15W-40 engine oil amounts converter | Automotive | Convert motor oil weight or volume to most units of measures. Just used the trimmer for the first time for maybe 30 minutes. Used up almost all of the 8 ounces […]

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  7. 20w-40 engine oil 1 ltr = how many kg

    Comment from/about : BHASKAR | Permalink

  8. The amounts conversion results for 15W – 40 motor engine oil liter to kilograms:
    Amount: 1 L (liter) of 15W-40 car motor oil
    Equals: 0.87 kg (kilogram) of 15W-40 viscosity automotive motor oil
    Fraction: 87/100 kg (kilogram) of 15W-40 car engine oil

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