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NiCd and NiMH rechargeable batteries charging time

What battery charger and what charging time is needed to recharge a rechargeable battery? Use this calculator to find the time length and what battery charger in mA current output will be needed to recharge type NiMH and NiCd, AA – AAA – C – D – 9V size batteries. Enter battery charging time calculator.

Santa’s performance calculator

How fast does Santa has to be on Christmas each year? We know he has only 24 hours in time to bring us all the gifts. If you would like to know how many homes Santa Claus must stop by in one second, or in a number of minutes, etc., on the Christmas day to deliver presents to all people on the planet Earth, enter to play with Santa’s speed calculator.

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  1. since led lamp output is almost always listed in lumens and incandescents & fluorescents are always listed in watts, how about a converter for the conversion of lumens to watts?

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