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Pixels px to em and em to px

Converter to exchange em to px ( pixels ) ei: 1.5 em = 24 px etc., or the other way around for px for em e.g. 350 px ( Pixels ) = 21.88 em for cascading style sheets used in WWW by web designers in creating websites or in printing. The translator can be used with CSS body element of a page at 62.5% for your font-size ( for example body { font-size: 62.5%; } ) or with ordinary 100% size of font instead, enter pixels px to em calculator.

Gmail storage size growth rate

Google’s email system Gmail and their daily increases of the data or file storage size volume. With this calculator you can predict Gmail’s storage growth (look at the page hypothetically due to the fact that Google may change, as it happened a few times already, either their existing calculator rate or, they can on an one time bases change the storage size in a bulk value!) – enter the Google’s Gmail email accounts storage size growth calculator.

Data transfer

Converter for data transfer speed of computer components and systems: USB’s, AGP, ATM, b/s, B/s, CD ROM drives, DVD drive, Ethernet, firewire, Gb/s, GB/s, ISA, ISDN, telecoms. system, Kb/s, KB/s, Mb/s, MB/s, modems, tel. line, PCI, MHz, SCSI, LVD, T1 T2 T3 T4 speeds, Tb/s, TB/s – enter conversions for data transfer speeds.

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