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Coconut oil amounts converter

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Organic extra virgin coconut oil Amounts Conversion Results :

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Raw organic coconut oil amounts and nutrition facts conversion

Nutritional information table for
coconut oil
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 10ml coconut oil (9.1g)
10 Servings per 100ml (91.4g)
3 Servings per 1/8 cup (30ml – 27.4g) *
Energy per 10ml serving :
Calories / Kilo calories 86.2 Cal / kcal Kilojoules 360.7kJ
  Nutrients : Per 1/8 cup (30ml) Per 100ml
Energy 1,082kJ
Protein 0g 0g
Fat Total 27.4g 91.4g
– saturated 23.7g 79.0g
– trans fat 0g 0g
– polyunsaturated fat 0.5g 1.7g
– monounsaturated fat 1.6g 5.3g
Cholesterol 0 mg 0 mg
4:0 Butanoic acid 0g 0g
6:0 Hexanoic acid 0.16g 0.5g
8:0 Octanoic acid 2.06g 6.9g
10:0 Decanoic acid 1.65g 5.5g
12:0 Dodecanoic acid 12.23g 40.7g
14:0 Tetradecanoic acid 4.61g 15.3g
16:0 Hexadecanoic acid 2.25g 7.5g
18:0 Octadecanoic acid 0.77g 2.6g
16:1 Palmitoleic Acid 0g 0g
18:1 Octadecenoic acid (Omega-9) 1.59g 5.3g
18:2 Octadecadienoic acid (Omega-6) 0.49g 1.6g
18:3 Octadecatrienoic acid (Omega-6) 0g 0g
Phytosterols 24 mg 79 mg
Water 0g 0g
** Minerals: Ca, Cu, K, Mg, Mn, Na, P, Se, Zn 0 mg OR µg
(micro gram)
0 mg OR µg
Iron, Fe 0.01g 0.04g
Vitamin E – alpha-tocopherol 0.02 mg 0.08 mg
Vitamin K – phylloquinone 0.1 µg
(micro gram)
0.5 µg (microgram)
Vitamins: (All other) 0 mg OR µg
(micro gram)
0 mg OR µg
Folate (total) 0 µg
(micro gram)
0 µg
Choline, total 0.1 mg 0.3 mg
Tocopherol, gamma 0.05 mg 0.18 mg
Ingredients: 100% raw organic extra virgin coconut oil
Storage instructions: No refrigeration required
Average expiry time: 1 year from production date
* 1/8 US Legal Nutrition Labeling Cup equals 30ml
** Minerals; Calcium Ca, Copper Cu, Iron Fe, Potassium K, Magnesium Mg, Manganese Mn, Sodium Na, Phosphorus P, Selenium Se, Zinc Zn

There is also the shredded coconut and coconut flour converter. This page deals with virgin organic coconut oil physical and nutrition properties, notice the “No bad cholesterol” presence!

Liquid volume 100ml of coconut oil = 91.4 grams = 3.2 oz net wt. = 3.4 fl oz = 6.8 tbsp = 20.3 tsp

Other than what is in the cold pressed organic extra virgin coconut oil nutrition facts table, use the coconut oil calorie counter to calculate dietary and nutritional information for any amount of coconut oil. E.g. convert value from 1/4 of a cup amount, or 50ml, 1 fl-oz servings, 100g, even US legal nutrition labeling cup (240ml/cup). Convert from any portion or measure. The tool also makes conversions of fats into energy units, from any amount of fat contained in coconut oil. Details about coconut oil are handy as healthy eating tips, for maintaining healthy diet therefore a personal health-care plus wellbeing.

It is a high-heat cooking oil, easy use up to 350°F or 177°C. My absolutely most favorite oil; the coconut taste and the coconut aroma essence are fantastic. Coconut oil gets cloudy below 64 degrees Fahrenheit (~18 deg. Celsius), reheating it in warm water returns it back to liquid again, but taking it out of a jar in the solid form with a spoon is in fact very handy and easy to do. Coconut oil does not have bad cholesterol, it is purely cholesterol free. This is healthy to eat oil, it doesn’t contain trans fatty acids nor hydrogenerated oils, no cholesterol nor hexane! Enjoy using it. We order our pure coconut oil in large bulk, in 20L bucket size, split that into 5 lots for 5 different people share the cost and eat the best oil available. This way the 4 liters per one month gets a lot less costly than any other HEALTHY oil from store even if in large cans. When I have a dry skin on my hands, lips, and sometimes face, I rub it on because the oil truly works marvelously also as a cosmetic remedy.

The organic/bio extra virgin coconut oil online web tool makes smooth unit to unit conversions. From any new specific weight scales versus liquid measures. From weight in pounds ( lb ), ounces ( oz ), kilograms ( kg – kilo ), dekagrams ( dkg – dag – deca – deka ), pints ( pt ) into an equivalent amount size. Or convert volume measures of coconut oil from a value in liters ( l ), deciliters ( dl – dcl ), milliliters ( ml ), fluid ounces ( fl-oz ), gallons ( gal ), quarts ( qt ), pint US ( pt ) liquid, table spoons ( tbsp – tblsp – tbs ), tea spoons ( tsp – teasp ), even a one single drop of coconut oil through a medicine glass dropper and convert also from measuring cups into either American US or Metric kitchen units. Enjoy this useful coconut oil converter for cooking, baking and the nutrition data as health tips for wellness. Enjoy.

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Raw, organic extra virgin coconut oil amounts converter with a table for nutritional facts.

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  1. Coconut Oil Health Benefits Explained

    For our bodies, to gain the health benefits from this virgin coconut oil, the recommended daily intake is only 1 to 3 tablespoons (tbsp). Coconut oil can be mixed into liquids or of course the oil can also be used in every day cooking. A teaspoon (tsp) of this oil is good for us as well and won’t hurt, however the average 2 tbsp + amount per day is a lot more beneficial in health aspects.

    Now here is a though, if you think a good quality coconut oil is costly; look into buying the oil in a bulk from wholesalers or even better straight from distributors. Several places resell coconut oil. Then the bulk price per unit surely ends up much cheaper than buying a larger can of olive oil for instance. This wholesale bulk amount can always be divided into more than two households. Contact me if you’d like to be a part of our bulk buyers network for having together with us a “Bigger Buying Power”.

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  2. Regarding coconut oil and its’ health benefits; my Naturopath practitioner suggested to me to eat a spoon or two of coconut oil and cook meals with it daily. Or as much as possible, basically leaving out cooking with unhealthy oils. I’ve noticed at first when tasting it that the oil has a distinctively strong bitter taste. Not necessary unpleasant (only a new one to get used to), so surely if it’s raw and organic it must have some remedial curing properties not only in dietary health aspects but also in natural medicine sense.

    I also rub coconut oil on eczema and stinging cracks with redness on skin which all together disappeared. It might be, like with other creams or oils for psoriasis, the improvement lasts only for a few days before the application requires changing to some other type of remedy.

    I am taking coconut oil to lower my cholesterol as the oil is right for that apparently for slimming as well. It would be interesting to hear from someone who had longer experience with coconut oil and about outcomes noticed in thier health improvement or in losing weight?

    How about some statistics from Fiji? People who live there consume mainly the coconut oil and have much more coconut in their diet or in cosmetics as I could imagine. What might be the cholesterol levels of people who are born there? Anyone, I’d absolutely love to find out anything additional. Thank you.


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  3. 1 liter of coconut oil equals to how many kilograms convert this amount without packaging weight.
    Amount 1L (1 litre) of coconut oil = 0.9 kg of coconut oil.

    Comment from/about : 1 litre coconut oil equal how many kilograms? | Permalink

  4. What is coconut oil from 1.5 liter into weight in oz and lb units? Buying one can of it for home tomorrow. Amount : 1.5 L ( liter ) of coconut oil equals 48.3 oz ( 48.34 ounces ) Fraction : 48 3/10 oz ( 48-17/50 ounce ) of culinary coconut oil and 3 lb ( 3.02 pound ) or 3 1/50 pound of raw coconut oil weight. When 1.5 litre is 0.4 gal ( comes to 2/5 gallon US ).

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  5. I’ve tried to work out how much is one cup of solid coconut oil equal to cup of liquid coconut oil. The difference in volume between these two consistences shows as very small; whether the solid oil has to be scooped out versus pouring it out from a jar if in a liquid state, the amount for cooking etc. is pretty much the same. This test is easy to make. First pour exactly 1 cup of coconut oil in a glass, make mark of the top level and then cool it in a fridge to see that the oil level drops down only in the center and just a very little. And by the way, thank you for this coconut oil converter it is very useful.

    Comment from/about : 1 cup of solid coconut oil equals how much liquid coconut oil? | Permalink

  6. How many calories are in tablespoon of coconut oil content.
    Amount : 1 tbsp ( tablespoon ) of coconut oil equals : 127.5 Cal ( calories ) dietary energy. Fraction 1 tbsp is : 127 1/2 cal ( 127 12/25 Calories in 1 table spoon of coconut oil. Easy maths this way!

    Comment from/about : How many calories in tablespoon of coconut oil? | Permalink

  7. I use it for how many milliliters are in 100 grams of coconut oil = 109.46 ml ( 109.5 millilitres ) or 109 1/2 (23/50) ml of coconut oil.
    And also for:
    1. How many ml in a cup of coconut oil? ml of coconut oil is to cups = 236.6 ml us cup or 250 ml metric cup
    2. What does a liter of coconut oil weigh in grams = 913.6 g ( 913 3/5 gram ) of coconut oil.
    3. Nutrition facts in 1 cup of coconut oil?
    4. How many kg are in 1 l coconut oil? Weight. Equals 1 liter = 0.9 kg ( 9/10 kilogram ) of coconut oil.
    5. 1/2 cup of oil into kg , cup US of coconut oil equals 0.11 kg ( 11/100 kilogram ) of coconut oil and 250ml Metric cup of this oil weighs almost the same, difference was visible only in 3 decimal digits selection.

    Warm regards,

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  8. I was wondering how many calories are contained in 1/2 cup and 1/3 cup of coconut oil amounts? More precisely organic virgin coconut oil described.

    A. 1/2 or 0.5 cup of coconut oil = 1,019.8 cal ( 1019 4/5 calories of coconut oil ) rounded 1,020 cal’s per half cup.

    B. 1/3 or 0.33 cup of coconut oil 679.9 cal ( 679 9/10 calories of coconut oil ) rounded 680 cal’s per third of cup.

    Yes it’s true that both calories and kilocalories, cal and kcal dietary energy stated in nutrients facts information on food labels, have equal number value meaning. And the same applies for coconut oil based food products.

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  9. How many mg of cholesterol in one hundred ml of coconut oil?
    Amount : 1 portion size 100ml ( milliliters ) of coconut oil Equals : 0.00 mg ( milligrams ) of Cholesterol. Zero cholesterol in coconut oil, how healthy is that!

    Comment from/about : How many mg of cholesterol in coconut oil equals one ml. | Permalink

  10. We’d try to use this oil also as a skin moisturizer. Usefully used the converter for ml of coconut oil into cups and also the nutritional fact values of virgin coconut oil, plus, the “virgin raw coconut oil storage info”. All by us needed information presented in one page.
    This tool worked well for 1 cup coconut oil convert to other kitchen units and 1 liter of coconut oil is how many kg for deliveries.

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  11. I’ve noticed questions above regarding conversion from ml of coconut oil into cups. Or from a cup coconut oil into ml in volume. The good news is that it goes directly as per volume of the cup/s. Each us cup measure for instance equals exactly 236.59 ml ( rounded ~ 237 millilitres ) and so every Metric measuring cup equals precisely 250 ml ( 250 milliliters ) of coconut oil. Same for any other liquid for that matter, not only in the coconut oil amounts measuring. When it is cloudy or in cold solid consistency form filled in a liquid cup up to the line mark, or in a dry cup up to the top rim and then scraped to level for the exact volume. This way the weight/mass of coconut oil can be found as well as of anything else for cooking and even making cosmetics at home like coconut oil based moisturizers.

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  12. I was looking for this info. Good to find coconut oil nutrition information 1 tsp more specifically coconut oil calories per tsp = 42.49 Cal ( 42.5 or 43 calories or kcal kilo calories ) energy of coconut oil. Why do in dietary kcal and cal having equally the same numbers? Amount: 1 tbsp ( tablespoon ) of oil from coconut equals: 127.5 Cal ( 127 1/2 calories ) obviously it’s 3 times more due to spoons size.

    Comment from/about : How many calories in coconut oil tsp? | Permalink

  13. For the first commenter above, Eloise; in moderation we’ve been cooking with coconut oil for 2 years and it seems to act positively on my immune system. A while back, I had to decide to do my own research due to getting sicker and sicker. Then I visited a naturopath (naturalist) as well, just to put one and one together for myself. I also had psoriasis on my hands and scalp since I was 35 years old. It went away, I completely cleaned detoxed my liver and built up my immune system. I exercise only a bit and take no chemicals again.

    Coconut oil can be an inexpensive treatment for many health issues and problems. But it isn’t the answer to everything. It is another one of nature’s remedies. No side effects danger (one could say if I’m not drowning myself in it), try it and continue to take it or don’t, easy as that. No wonder companies producing various pharmaceuticals are not happy about spreading such news because so many high quality, natural, well working and not costly treatments and food do not make money for CEO’s and theirs stake share holders. Doctors too, while medicine is studied, they aren’t trained in nutrition, and nutrition is the absolutely first thing, food, we are what we eat! Web nowadays gives us much more knowledge than a doctor’s appointment where we often pay just too much money for nothing.

    Do you see the difference in definition between childish and childlike?! And then obvious signs in a negative and positive feedback e.g. on a raw product like oil from coconut? Different interests push different logic into everything. It is natural to humans. Lucky we have Internet for being informed about everything we need.

    Skin eczema, psoriasis, liver, digestion related sicknesses, heart, cholesterol, high blood pressure, blood sugar, viruses, … we get to hear “eat the prescribed tablets and medication, eat, eat that it’s good for you, there is nothing else you can do, or, what we know of”! NOT! Luckily some medical doctors begin to specialize in general natural health and natural medicine, along with pharmaceuticals. Coconut oil has that nicely bitter taste, similarly like paw paw leaf juice, it surely kills bad stuff in human body and heals it. Most of all it wasn’t processed if it’s raw virgin and organic!

    A couple more ideas; infections or bruises (coconut oil helps to repair damaged tissue thus speeds up the process of healing) and I mustn’t forget on acne. Usage in cooking as replacement for other less healthy edible oils for obese and overweight people as its goodness properties assist in reducing body weight on outside and also help to burn fat faster around organs internally.

    Comment from/about : Tom | Permalink

  14. I made coconut oil conversion, coconut oil calories per teaspoon and then how many grams one tsp of oil from coconut comes to for weight. This is calculation made for my own weight loss program I must admit.

    Amount : 1 tsp ( teaspoon ) of coconut oil = equals : 42.5 Cal ( round 43 cal. Calories and – kcal kilocalories) energy – in diet both are equal.
    Fraction : 1tsp = 42 1/2 Cal ( 43 calories – cal and – kcal kilo calories) energy – in diet and on food product labels come as equal.

    Measure : 1 tsp ( teaspoon ) of coconut oil, equals : 4.5 g ( grams ) of coconut oil. Fraction : 1 tsp = 4 1/2 gram ( g ) of coconut oil.

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  15. How to calculate how many calories are in 1/3 cup serving of coconut oil. One third cup to calories from coconut oil.

    Convert amount : 1/3 cup US of coconut oil,
    Equals = 679.9 cal ( ~ 680 calories and – kcal kilocalories energy – in diet both are the same ).
    Fraction : 679 9/10 Cal per one third of cup of organic virgin oil from coconut.
    1/3 from US measuring cup of coconut oil is = 78.9 ml ( ~ 79 – 80 millilitres ).

    Amount conversion : 1/3 cup Metric of coconut oil,
    Equals = 718.4 cal ( ~ 720 calories and – kcal kilo calories) energy – on dietary labels both are equal.
    Fraction : 718 2/5 cal from 1 third of mtr. measuring cup of natural raw virgin oil from coconuts.
    1/3 of Metric measuring cup of coconut oil is = 83.3 ml ( ~ 83 milliliters ).

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  16. I was looking for what are virgin coconut oil calories per 100ml = 862 cal, 1ml = 8.6 cal and 1/4 fl-oz = 64 cal. This is one perfect on line coconut oil conversion tool. It assists us with our dietary intake or general well being.

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  17. I have been managing weight loss of my own body. For several months now I’ve been cooking entirely with coconut oil only and trying my best to eat only organic high quality nutritional value produce. Basically eating less but better foods. I quite enjoy the flavor of coconut oil especially when frying and can say I enjoy a lots of success with it. For practical reasons I was wondering what is coconut oil dl vs grams conversion and here I got it spot on even more precisely I hoped for: 1 dl = 91.4 g coconut oil.

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  18. Many thanks for this virgin coconut oil weight converter. That is weight from volume of coconut oil as it gets solid over a colder night. I was also interested in finding about nutrition of the coconut oil to know what benefits it has and what it contains. CoCo Edith

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  19. My task is about what is the energy in a gramme of coconut oil in kcal value as in nutrition.

    Result; nutritional energy in 1 g ( gram ) of coconut oil equals to 9.4 Cal ( 9-2/5 calories and – kcal kilocalories ) in diet both cal and kcal are equal.

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  20. How much does coconut oil weigh? I tried to find out how much does coconut oil weigh. What is an actual weight or mass of coconut oil. There it is all here, thi converter for coconut oil from 1 gallon and 1 litre to oz and grams! 1 gal = 122 oz of coconut oil, 1 liter = 913.6 grams ( 0.9 kg ). I am surprised to see also U.K. pint within the calculator! 1 UK pint = 519.2 grams ( 0.5 kg ) and 18.3 ounces ( 18 oz ).

    Comment from/about : How much does coconut oil weigh? | Permalink

  21. It’s easier to weigh ingredients in kitchen scales adding one after another which applies for oil amounts as well. This coconut oil page helped to find grams of coconut oil in 1 tablespoon immediately and spot on. Greg

    Comment from/about : grams of coconut oil in tablespoon | Permalink

  22. I came to calculate a few equivalents for coconut oil from fluid ounces;
    1.) pound weight of 35.5 fl oz of oil = 33.8 oz net wt. = 2.1 lb ( 2.11 pounds ) of coconut oil. Fraction : 2 1/10 pound of coconut oil weight. This also exactly equals to 1.05 liter of the oil and 1050 ml or 10.5 dl.
    2.) 5 gallons of coconut oil equals how many pounds = 38.12 lb ( 38.1 pound ) of coconut oil.
    3.) 1 dl coconut oil is how many grams = 91.36 g ( 91.4 grams ) of coconut oil. Fraction : 91 9/25 grams ( 9 2/5 g ) of coconut oil = 9.14 dkg or 0.09 kg.
    4.) how many calories in 100ml coconut oil? Amount : 1 serving size 100ml (milliliters) of coconut oil Equals = 862.1 cal calories and kcal kilo calories energy units in diet these both are equal. Fraction : 862 1/10 cal ( 862 9/100 cal’s and kcal’s energy in nutrition come as the same.

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  23. Good to know for my own nutrition is that half teaspoon of coconut oil, amount per 2.25 g ( 2-1/25 grams ) in weight, has got 21.25 cal ( 21-1/4 calories ). Very clever on coconut oil. I very much enjoyed the video with the doctor talking about basics of coconut oils consumption.

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  24. I’ve been making my own home made skin products like therapeutic skin creams, scrubs and pure raw essential oils for balsams. Now I sourced information for trying to make a hair conditioner but had to have results about how many grams could be in one cup of natural extra virgin coconut oil ( 1 cup of coconut oil Equals : 216.15 g (grams) of coconut oil ).

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  25. Worthy for what are coconut oil nutrition details.

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  26. I made coconut oil change from 2 thirds into ounces and two quarters in ounces as per below outcomes.

    Amount volume : 2/3 cup US of coconut oil,
    Equals in : 5.33 fl-oz ( fluid ounces ) of coconut oil.
    Fraction conversion : 5 1/3 fluid ounce of coconut oil ( 5 33/100 fl oz )

    Coconut oil conversion tbsp gram.

    2/3 tsp ( teaspoon ) of coconut oil,
    Equals : 3.0 g ( grams ) of coconut oil.

    Amount : 1 tsp – teaspoon of coconut oil volume,
    Equals to : 4.5 g ( grams ) of coconut oil.
    Fraction conversion : 4 1/2 grams of coconut oil weight.

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  27. How much is 1 half, 1 quarter, 2 thirds, 3 quarters of a cup in ml and oz?
    1 quarter of coconut oil volume in ounces ( 1/4 cup ) = 2.00 fl-oz ( fluid ounce ) of coconut oil = 59 ml ( milliliters ) coconut oil.
    1 third of coconut oil in ounces ( 1/3 cup ) = 2.7 fl-oz ( fluid ounce ) = 79 ml ( milliliters ) coconut oil volume.
    1 half of coconut oil volume in ounces ( 1/2 cup ) = 4.00 fl-oz ( fluid ounce ) = 118 ml ( milliliters ) coconut oil.
    2 thirds of coconut oil in ounces ( 2/3 cup ) = 5.33 fl-oz ( fluid ounce ) = 158 ml ( milliliters ) coconut oil volume.
    3 quarters of coconut oil volume in ounces ( 3/4 cup ) = 6.00 fl-oz ( fluid ounce ) = 177 ml ( milliliters ) coconut oil.
    1 full of coconut oil in ounces ( 1 cup ) = 8.00 fl-oz ( fluid ounce ) = 237 ml ( milliliters ) coconut oil volume.

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  28. This is perfect translator for oil from coconut, specifically useful for what is the exchange of coconut oil starting from its volume to a corresponding weight on scales.

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  29. How to substitute 50 ml of coconut oil from milliliters into grams as I prefer simple weighing more, like with solids, instead of liquid measuring. Thank you it is great calculator and nutrients info.

    Comment from/about : coconut oil ml in grams substitute. | Permalink

  30. I needed these coconut oil weight volume information. Very helpful. Samuel

    Comment from/about : how to; coconut oil weight volume. | Permalink

  31. I’m interested in joining a network to purchase coconut oil bulk. Can you give me more information on how to do that? Thank you, Kurt.

    added by admin:
    Hello Kurt,
    Thank you for the note and contacting. We will be buying coconut oil again in about 5 weeks from now. If more people, we can get 2x 20kg bulk or more volume. We’re also in Brisbane. Basically there are two (perhaps more now) easy to find suppliers of Fijian coconut oil in our area, it’s the proper natural raw organic oil. When the bulk is split to portions, the cost is less than a good cold pressed olive oil in bulk.

    There were recently even more health and wellness related discoveries about organic coconut oil.


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  32. Calculating coconut oil mass ml g

    Coconut oil mass from ml and fl oz volume to grams and ounces net wt.

    Quality and clean virgin unheated and organically grown and produced coconut oil.

    Amount volume : 100 ml (millilitres) of coconut oil,
    Equals mass : 91.36 g (grams) of organic coconut oil.
    Fraction : 91 9/25 g (gram) of virgin coconut oil.

    Volume amount : 5 fl-oz (fluid ounce) of coconut oil,
    Mass equals : 135.09 g (gram) of a virgin coconut oil.
    Fraction : 135 9/100 g (gram) of an organic coconut oil.

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  33. I am making a body butter bar and the recipe calls for 30 g of coconut oil. Can you tell me how this converts to ounces, and/or cup measurement, or even tablespoons?

    Thanks in advance.

    Comment from/about : Pam | Permalink

  34. I used to use your website for converting my coconut oil quantities between grams to oz but now all measurements except cups have been removed. Any way I can still access the old platform? Thanks!

    Comment from/about : robert esposito | Permalink

  35. G’day Robert,
    I have tested it and the coconut oil tool converts all the amounts well: example 100g (grams) weight of coconut oil equals to 3.70 fl-oz (fluid ounces) of coconut oil precisely. How many grams and what ounces in this oil measure-s were you after? If you can pls use another browser like Chrome for instance, I was making some changes a while back, perhaps that caused the glitch.

    Comment from/about : Rado | Permalink

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